Festival Poezika in Kotor this Weekend!

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Thanks to the cooperation of the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" in Kotor and the Cultural Center in Novi Sad, the 9th edition of the Poezika Festival will be held in Kotor's Cinema square on June 22nd and 23rd. The entrance is free.

The audience of Kotor will be presented the most active and intriguing singers, songwriters and poets from the region - Sara Renar, Kralj Čačka, Dimitrije Dimitrijević and Marko Tomaš.

The festival will begin on THE June 22nd at 9 p.m. with a poet's evening by Marko Tomaš. Marko Tomaš was born in Ljubljana. He lived in Sarajevo, Split, Sombor, Zagreb and is one of the most famous, most read and most powerful young poets on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. As a quintessential Yugoslavian, it is impossible to establish with certainty the origin of ethnicity, though he currently lives in Mostar and writes poetry, and also deals with fiction. He occasionally writes prose. He has published solo and joint collections of songs and short prose pieces. His contribution to journalism is remarkable. He is one of the initiators and editors of the journal "Kolaps". He published his articles in "BH Danima", "Voice of Istria" and "Feral Tribune". The names of his song collection point to innovation and lucidity and the choice of newspapers he writes for represent boldness and freedom.

His poems were translated into Italian, Polish, German and English.

He is author of several poetry books such as "Mama, I'm Successful" (2004), "Marko Tomaš and Other Poems" (2007), "Goodbye Fascists" (2009), "Midnight Conversations" with Mehmed Begić (2012), "Boulevard of National Revolution "(2013)," Black Prayer "(2015)," Raising Melancholy "(2014)," Regatta of Paper Ships "(2016).

He wrote the biography of famous football coach Ivica Osim, which is particularly popular in Japan.

The last collection of poems "Thirty-ninth May" was released at the LOM publishing house in Belgrade in late May 2018 and will premiere at the Festival Poezika in Kotor, Montenegro.

The same evening, the audience in Kotor will see Sonja Segic - Fea, a songwriter from Novi Sad, a member of the famous regional association of artists "Novi Odmetnici" artist. who received a special prize at the regional contest of the Festival Poezika in 2018.

At the concert, she will be joined by Isidora Milivojević, Ph.D. in French literature from Kotor. The first day of the Festival Poezika is marked by the performance of Nenad Marić, better known as Kralj Čačka. Kralj (king) Čačka has moved the boundaries of musical expression for years in this region. He is considered one of the biggest underground attractions in Belgrade, and he is spoken about with profound respect on the regional music scene, as well. On the second day of the festival, on Saturday June 23rd from 9 p.m. the film "Why Dragan made an orchestra" by young director Nikola Spasić will be screened, which has its world premiere at the 11th International “Miradas dok” Festival held in Tenerife and was noticed at numerous other festivals in the region and beyond.

After the projection, Dimitrije Dimitrijević and Sara Renar will perform at 11 p.m. Dimitrije Dimitrijević, i.e. Dimitrije Simović, is one of the members of the group "Igralom". His first EP "Juzno" was recorded in September 2017 in Zagreb at the "Moscow Studio".

"Ponestace" is the second EP by Dimitrijevic, recorded in the same place as the first, only a few months later. The journalist Dragana Erjavšek, who closely follows the region's music scene wrote in Stereo.Art Magazine: "Dimitrije Dimitrijević is a poet we always wanted in the music business, great with words, the one who recognizes great moments in small gestures and shadows that fall and disappear, and from this, he creates pictures that are indissolubly embedded in memories as if they were ours.

"His talents have been noted since the first EP release and received numerous invitations to perform throughout the region. The music-creative collaboration was achieved with Sarah Renar and this year they received great attention with their joint regional performances.

Regional star Sara Renar has so far released three studio albums: "Children", "Autumn" and "Silence", as well as a conceptual live performance of "Where to Draw a Line". She won the prestigious Porin Prize in 2015 for the EP "Autumn". Her third studio album titled "Silence" was declared number one by numerous media and was nominated for the Impala Award. Sara has become a fan of the audience, but she is also highly appreciated by colleagues who often invite her as a special guest at their concerts such as Darko Rundek and Zoran Predin.

The Festival Poezika has promoted authentic authors from the region for six years, whose music and lyrics are equally important. The Festival promotes intercultural dialogue and points out how much cooperation through art opens doors for better collaboration in all fields. Over the years, the festival has achieved successful cooperation with other festivals and institutions in Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, and Germany.

Text by Municipality Kotor Facebook page, on June 15th, 2018, read more at Facebook

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