Russian Liberal Intellectuals in Budva this September

By , 04 Jun 2018, 19:02 PM Lifestyle

June 4, 2018 - The "SlovoNovo" Russian contemporary literature gathering will be held in Budva in September. Marat Guelman, the most significant Russian contemporary art gallerist and founder of Dukley European Art Community will host Sorokin, Ulitskaya, Akunin, and Makarevich. New Russian emigre communities from the Baltic states, Israel, Cyprus, Western Europe and beyond will discuss the situation in Russia from the dissident point of view.
A massive wave of Russian creative people left Russia in the last decade. A century after the white emigres left Russia after the revolution, another wave of artists, writers, journalists, and other intellectuals are leaving Moscow and Saint Petersburg because of the rise of authoritarianism back home. They are living in countries like Latvia, Canada, UK, Germany, and Israel. Those who decided not to integrate into new nations are creating their emigre communities.
From the 21st to 27th of September, with the help of the Stratex Company, Marat Guelman is inviting journalists like Zhanna Nemtsova, Timur Olevskiy, writers like Ulitskaya and Sorokin, and opposition politicians like Shlosberg to the event. 
They will discuss the alternative means to preserve the liberal thought and democratic values out of Russia. They will address the media situation, self-organization of the Russian speaking dissident communities, the means of support for their activities out of Russia, and more.
They will have a chance to experience Montenegro and learn about life in our country.

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