Opening of the Mediterranean Theater Purgatory Festival 2018

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Opening of the Mediterranean Theater Purgatory Festival 2018 Event Facebook

June 1, 2018 - If you are planning on visiting Montenegro or Tivat this summer, don’t miss one of our most respectable theatre festivals. The 13. Mediterranean Theater Festival Purgatory opens up with the planetary favorite musical “Chicago” on June 22nd. 

Chicago is one of the most popular Broadway musicals in which passion, lust, intrigue, murder, business show, bribe judges and lawyers intertwine. This high-quality Broadway hit through a multitude of music hits like "All That Jazz," and a lot of convincing and high-quality choreographic tracks, telling of satirical America and the turbulent twenties. The story begins when the unfulfilled music actor and singer Roxie Hart, who dreams of success on the Chicago stage, kills her lover. In prison, she encounters her idol, Velma Kelly. The two of them aren't overwhelmed by anything to reach the goal in which the highly-corrupted attorney Billy Flynn assists them.


The action of the Chicago "musical" takes place in the notoriously homonymous American city of the 1920s. At the center of the action are an irresistible blonde, a rosy, unrealized bar singer and a woman who killed her lover, because "no one should leave her"! When she came to prison, she met a well-known bar singer, a brown-haired, and indeed "murderous" Velma (who killed her sister and her husband by committing adultery) - like other inmates, mostly murderers of unbelieving men. Velma is defended by a famous lawyer who, when taking over the defense, is only interested in whether the defendant has  5.000 dollars for his fee. When Roxie agrees to the amount of his fee, he starts in uncompromising manipulation, both the media and her.

The musical "Chicago," although at first glance a dark, is a sharp and satirical picture of the situation in American society and is very popular amongst audiences. As a reason for such success, it is noted, above all, that the excellent music and choreography by Bob Fosse, as well as his exceptional direction, introduces us into the world of gangster Chicago as in some great cabaret. The second reason for success lies, probably, in the year of his premiere. Namely, in the 1970s, the American people were greatly disappointed in the "American dream," and with the discovery of the truth about the Vietnam War, the "light of the stage" gave a true picture of the hypocrisy of American social morality. The third reason, de facto, is the public's fascination with the photogenic picture of Chicago with a distinctive gangster image that attracted the audience with the irresistible taste of "forbidden fruit: alcohol at the time of prohibition and having fun with women" of dubious morals.

The story itself is true: it was created when the reporter of the Chicago Tribune, Moraine won Niken, received the exclusive right to interview a stripper who killed her lover. Based on this interview, the journalist wrote the drama "Chicago" as a school task on the subject of dramatic writing at the University of Yale. The drama was set in Broadway in 1926, where she performed 172 performances, and later a two-shot film followed by her: first mute (called "Roxie Hart"), followed by a sound with Jingle's Rogers in the lead. The real glory of the musical (which was on Broadway in 1975) wasn't until 1996 when it was back in front of the audience, according to the original Fosse production. The following year, this musical won many awards and, among other things, 6 "Tony" (American Theater Oscar). Despite the long-awaited film production of the Hollywood A production (Renee Zellweger, Catherine, Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere), it was awarded six US Film Academy awards and is still performed before an audience today. 

The Mediterranean Theater Festival - Purgatory was established and founded 13 years ago with the desire and intent that during the summer tourist season, the domicile audience, and above all the people who spend the summer here, have the magic and beauty of the meditative theater in the full sense of the word. After the first experimental and four competition festivals, they can proudly say that the founding of the Festival was a real cultural move and they were amazed and impressed by the audience and increased the number of registered festivals from year to year.

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Just how many audiences have been accepted by this festival is seen in the average audience of 700 people, and for example, the Venetian merchant saw 1000 visitors, not only from Tivat but from all over the Montenegrin coast.

Musical CHICAGO Theatre of Terazije Belgrade

Friday, 22 June at 21:30 - Summer Stage Tivat

Red fields are free places for that

Call and secure your place on time!

Ticket sales every working day from 10:00 to 15:00

Tel for information: 069-342-79

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