Aqua Park in Ulcinj?

By , 31 May 2018, 02:11 AM Lifestyle
Aqua Park in Ulcinj? Copyrights: Pixabay

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May 30, 2018 - Earlier this week, the representatives of the Turkish company “Polin” visited the Municipality of Ulcinj. Their hosts were the President of the Ulcinj Municipality, Loro Nrekić, the President of the Municipal Council of Ulcinj, Ilir Čapuni, and their associates.

The Turkish renewed company Polin has won the tender for the construction of an aqua park in Štoj, a district in Ulcinj, Montenegro. Ulcinj Municipality’s Ex-President Fatmir Đeka and a representative of the Turkish company Polin, a daughter company of “Ulcinj Aquapark & Entertainment” Sahret Hajdarpašić, concluded a contract on the construction of aqua park worth seven and a half million euro in 2014. The goals for the aqua park are for the park to be built on nearly 25 thousand square meters, and that this project would open 80 new jobs. Polin, which has an impressive reputation for the construction of aqua parks, leased the land of 25,000 square meters in Štoj for 30 years at a price of 1.1 euro per square meter per year.

This investment is extremely important for Montenegro, as it contributes to the overall economic development of the country, all to recognize Montenegro as an attractive tourist destination.

The Municipal Secretariat for Urban Planning and Landscaping of Ulcinj has issued urban-technical conditions for this facility to the company “Ulcinj Aquapark & Entertainment”. At the same time, the Turkish company "Polin", which is the "mother" of the mentioned company, is designing and projecting the aqua park.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Turkish company “Polin”, the President of Ulcinj Municipality Loro Nrekić, the President of the Municipal Council of Ulcinj Ilir Čapuni and their associates, discussed the importance of completing all procedures to start the implementation of the aqua park project as soon as possible.

President Nrekić explained the position of the Municipality and stated that Ulcinj is very interested in this project and that he will personally engage in the maximum acceleration of procedures for the implementation of this project to begin in September and at the latest in October 2018.

It was agreed that the Secretariat for Urbanism and Sustainable Development would create several propositions of how to get the necessary permits to start the project implementation as fast as possible. The general conclusion of the conference was that procedures need to be simplified to cooperate with the investors in the best possible way. It is expected that the aqua park will enrich the tourist offer of Ulcinj, as it happened in Budva during the implementation of a similar project.

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