First International Carnival in Tivat Promises to be New Cultural and Tourist Brand

By , 29 May 2018, 17:02 PM Lifestyle
First International Carnival in Tivat Promises to be New Cultural and Tourist Brand Facebook

May 29, 2018 - Šabac hosts the 38th Convention of the Federation of European Carnival Cities until June 3rd. With a record number of delegates from twenty countries, Šabac organized a vibrant program and tour of attractive destinations in Serbia.

Among the participants of the convention is the delegation of Montenegro, consisting of the Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs, Dubravka Nikčević, and representative of NGO "Maškarada" from Tivat, Goran Božović. Belgrade's Rakovica, a municipality recognized for organizing an extraordinary carnival, hosted participants today, said Božović, pointing out that two days ago they created a Friendship Park – twenty seedlings for twenty countries.

 As the most significant event of this gathering, Božović announced an election assembly where, according to him, the new president of the European Federation of Carnival Cities will be elected tomorrow.

"A historic change of the president of the Federation of European Carnival Cities takes place tomorrow after 38 years. Namely, Henry van der Kroon, the founder, and president of the current Federation has retired for health reasons and will be given the post of honorary president. Tomorrow, a new one will be elected at the election assembly."

The mission of the Tivat delegation, emphasizes Božović, is Tivat's accession to the family of European Carnival Cities, becoming part of one of the great world stories of carnival ceremonies, which, as he said, represents an outstanding overture for the organization of the First International Carnival on June 9 in Tivat. For the spectacle, which has not yet been seen in Tivat, regarding carnival ceremonies, Božović highlights the high interest.

"We, as organizers, do our best to create it at the highest level, although for the first one, we want to be exceptionally organized. Superb entertainment is guaranteed, and we are expecting over 500 participants and over 300 masqueraders from abroad to attend the International carnival procession. In the children's carnival procession, we expect between 600 and 700 masked children, which is extraordinary data for the first time. Once again, I invite all citizens and guests to support this new quality story, which will certainly become a new cultural and tourist brand," Božović concluded. 

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