Slovenian Don Don Invests Two Million Euro in Bread Production in Danilovgrad

By , 25 May 2018, 14:49 PM Lifestyle
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The Slovenian company Don Don is a regional leader in the bakery industry that operates in all the republics of the former Yugoslavia. 

This year, Don Don will invest in a new plant in Danilovgrad, where there will be jobs for about 50 workers. The plant will produce 30 tons of products daily – fresh bread, homemade and packaged, as well as many types of bread and fresh rolls - which will be distributed from the factory in Danilovgrad to the entire territory of Montenegro. 

The company has been present in Montenegro for about ten years, primarily with assorted frozen biscuits and products, and last year with the toast "Tvojih 5 minuta / Your 5 minutes". Because it is made without additives, artificial colors and additives and is fresh up to 45 days, this toast has become one of the favorite products on the Montenegrin market. Now, by opening a new plant, the existing range will expand, so consumers will have the opportunity to enjoy the entire range of new products and fresh biscuits. 

"The new bread and roll factory is further confirmation of the attractiveness of our business environment. I look forward to this significant investment in a renowned company, which will, first of all, open new jobs, for which we, as the local government, are very much interested. The food production area has enormous potential for the development in the future, and our municipality has significant development resources in this sector of the economy. Also, the planned product range will further enrich the Montenegrin market throughout the offers both for the citizens and the increasing number of tourists," said the president of the Danilovgrad municipality, Branislav Brano Đuranović.

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Montenegro is an important market to which this producer will offer quality and rich range of bread and bakery products, which will soon be displayed at the market. Domestic consumers, as well as tourists who are happy to visit this destination, will be able to buy the products on the shelves of bigger supermarkets by the beginning of June.

"I believe the consumers will quickly recognize the quality of our bread. Our basic principles always were and will remain simple - to offer a quality product from the controlled and best ingredients, which is packed and safe, and delivered on time. Now things are expanding in both the market and production, but our goal is always the same - quality. Montenegro represents a special challenge for us, as consumers are not yet recognized, even though they have already had the chance to try some of our products. That is why we are looking forward to a new business environment, and I believe that we will quickly win the trust of even the most demanding customers," said Don Don Montenegro Director Damir Papić.

With over more than two decades of business, Don Don has become a regional leader in the bakery industry. A clear vision, design development, quality, innovation and adaptation to market demands have positioned this company as a key player in the Balkans.

Text by Promo, on May 24th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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