City of Danilovgrad: Construction Site Reveals Huge Potential

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City of Danilovgrad: Construction Site Reveals Huge Potential Copyrights: Municipality of Danilovgrad

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22 January 2019 - Danilovgrad is already a huge construction site. And the President of this Municipality, Zorica Kovačević, says it is going to be even more so. She announced numerous projects worth millions – from the construction of apartments for the citizens who mostly need it, 10-million EUR worth investment of the “Voli Trade” Company which plans to open a mall in this town, opening of the lounge and a service of the MAN company, as well as the construction of the main drain and construction of the new and reconstruction of existing roads. She claims that they are continually reducing the unemployment and that numerous investors are planning to move their business to Danilovgrad and thus create new jobs.

She adds that the existing sewerage system will be reconstructed. Also, the new one will be built.

“Reconstruction of the road across Martinići was planned to be undertaken. Also, the Government’s capital projects, such as the reconstruction of the old road Danilovgrad-Podgorica, go in our favor. Preparation works for the reconstruction of four lanes of the road Podgorica-Danilovrgrad are in progress. This year we will finish the project for the reconstruction of the “old road” Danilovgrad-Markovina and the tender for the reconstruction of the regional road Danilovgrad-Glava Zete will be called too,” says Kovačević.

Better supply of electric energy will the thanks to the reconstruction of low and high-voltage network.

“By the end of February, the project for the construction of apartments for retired persons will have been finished. The price of one square meter will be from 300 to 350 EUR, and that is a very reasonable price. We have provided funds for the reconstruction and construction of pipes and their removal,” says the President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad.

She proudly announces the opening of MAN lounge and service, an investment worth more than 3 million EUR, where around 15 persons from Danilovgrad will be employed.

“The construction of the new fire fighting brigade service has started as well as the reconstruction of the premises of Red Cross. Next week, the construction for the auxiliary field of FC Istra will begin. The construction of 50 apartments for the Armed Forces of Montenegro has begun too. “Bemax” company will build new grinder plant, where people will be able to find a job,” says Kovačević.

As she says, they are working hard on reducing unemployment.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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