"Long Night of Museums" to Open Documentary Exhibition "Drawing the World" in Kotor

By , 16 May 2018, 13:40 PM Lifestyle

May 16, 2018 - The Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor is again one of the partners of the global manifestation “Long Night of Museums.” This occasion will open a documentary exhibition titled "Drawing the World" by Ilija Mlinarević on Friday, 18 May at 8 pm at the Palace Grgurina in Old Town Kotor.

The director of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro Andro Radulović, exhibition author Ilija Mlinarević, and professor of history and head of the Maritime Heritage Collection in marina Porto Montenegro Dražen Jovanović will speak at the exhibition, and for the music part of the program, the students of the Music School Vida Matjan from Kotor will perform.

The exhibition will present a part of the cartographic material owned by the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, says author Ilija Mlinarević and explains: "The exhibition" Drawing the World "is the cartographic treasure of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, arising from the need to show what our institution possesses. Unfortunately, this piece of material, which counts a total of 365 cartographic objects, is not much explored. The exhibition is only 45 maps. Regarding the fundus, this is not a large number, but we have made an effort to present the most valuable examples of this part of our heritage.” 

The cartographic material of the Maritime Museum dates back to the beginning of the 18th century until the second half of the 20th century. "The exhibition will show works by some significant authors from the world of cartography, especially when talking about the 18th century, such as Italian Giovani Gamba, works by Typography Alvisopoli from Venice, and famous French and German cartographers of that time. These are the maps by some of cartographers and hydrographs whose work is vital for the overall research of Europe in the last three years," says Mlinarević. 

The Cartographic Collection of the Maritime Museum is very rich, and apart from maritime charts, it encompasses precious examples of military maps, which provide us with information on how the military strategies have imagined specific areas and the territories they claimed. Most of the cartographic material has been donated to the Museum by private persons, so it will be interesting to see the families and individuals donors in the last half-century. "Of course, for us as a maritime museum, favorite examples are maritime maps, those original, and even more those that are drawn, because they show us where our seafarers traveled and what navigational challenges they encountered on their journeys," says the author of the exhibition, Ilija Mlinarević.

"Drawing the World" was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro within the Program of protection and preservation of cultural goods for 2017.

The Maritime Museum of Montenegro, during the celebration of the “Long Night of Museums” and the International Museum Day, will organize a lecture and promotion of the brochure titled "260 years from the maritime crusade of the Brothers Ivanović from Dobrota in the Piraeus port" on Saturday, May 19th starting at 20:00. A viewing of the successful defense of the Bokelian sailors, who opposed the powerful Turkish pirates, is intended for children of school age. This Maritime Museum project was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism under the project "All Miracles of Montenegro" for 2017.

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