First Summer International Carnival Announced in Tivat!

By , 15 May 2018, 11:11 AM Lifestyle

May 15, 2018 - This summer, Tivat will be richer from another festival event - "The First Summer International Carnival" sponsored by the Tivat Municipality and the Tourist Organization, was announced at a press conference where the cultural and entertainment program "Tivat Summer 2018" was presented. The program begins on the 19th of May and lasts until the 17th of September.

"Tivat Summer 2018" includes two festivals sponsored by the local tourist organization - In Art Festival and Tivat World Music. In Art Festival is organized for the third time in cooperation with NGO Cultural Creator and this year's edition is scheduled for the 25-27 of July. This event brings Tivat artists from Italy, Austria, Turkey, Macedonia, Argentina, and Mexico, announced Gabrijela Glavočić, the TO Tivat executive director. The Tivat World Music Festival, initiated and organized by the Tivat multimedia artist Dalibor Ševaljević, will be the last manifestation within “Tivat Summer 2018”, planned for Sept 14-16.

In the realization of the NGO Maškarada, under the auspices of the Tivat Municipality and TO Tivat, the "First Summer Carnival" is scheduled from June 8- 10, and will run under the slogan "Magic under the masks." The event is of an international character and will bring over 300 foreign carnivals, mostly from the region, from Italy to Albania, to Tivat. The main event - the International Carnival Parade with over 500 participants - is scheduled for June 9th. President of NGO Maškarada, Goran Božović, announced that the main town promenade Pine would be the stage for performances of carnival groups, and the star of the night will be Indira Forza from the former Croatian pop group Kolonia. On the second carnival day, the Children's Carnival is planned, where 700-800 children are expected in the procession. The content of the carnival will also be a party with masks on the water, that will be realized on board the Le Coche D’Eau and the "Tahiti" catamaran, and the regatta which will be held on June 9th. The First Summer International Carnival is preceded by the entry of Tivat into the membership of the Federation of European Carnival Towns. The hymn of the carnival was also presented at the conference. Milivoj Slaby and Goran Božović wrote the text, and the music is written and performed by Ensemble Toć with guest vocalist, Tivat musician Nina Petković.

Together with concerts of local and regional performers and thematic evenings, TO Tivat will host gastronomic evenings in the framework of the traditional summer program "Summer of good taste." The especially important gastro manifestations will be "Zućenica Fest," "Festival of rogač," and "Lastva Fest".

In cooperation with the Digital Solutions Montenegro and Tivat Municipality, the Tourism Organization has been working on the creation of an internet platform called "Tivat without stress" over the last three months, which will provide guests with a simple way to find important information related to the destination, and all programs that are organized in the city. Digital Solutions' representative, Ivan Pajovic, reminded that the Tivat Municipality has been sponsoring a free Wi-Fi service called “Tivat Free Wireless” in 12 locations in the municipality for ten years. "Tivat No Stress Zone - Wi-Fi Zone" aims to provide internet with no stress, quick access to information and programs of the Tivat Tourism Organization, the Tivat Culture Center and the Museums and Galleries.

The summer in Tivat will feature numerous sports programs. Besides the traditional Bowling Olympics, Tivat will also host martial arts, water polo and basketball camps, as well as other exciting events.

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