Moscow Shnitt: A Favorite Cake of Belgrade

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Moscow Shnitt: A Favorite Cake of Belgrade Moscow Schnitt, Copyright: Hotel Moscow, Belgrade

February 10, 2019 - Moscow Schnitt is a cake that has nothing to do with Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. It is the delicacy of Belgrade, and it is one of the most favourite cakes in our region. We will tell you the story of this sweet and teach you how to make it.

What is the story of this Moscow cake that has nothing to do with Moscow? It all started back in 1974 when chopped cherries plunged into a sweet cream, and the cassava bark from almonds merged them with juicy pineapple. The improvisation of tastes was made first by Anica Dzepina, the former head of the Hotel Moscow pastry shop in the centre of Belgrade, at Terazije. Moscow Schnitt was her answer at the management's demand to make a cake that would be singled out for other sweets. And that's how we came to this recipe, a cake that became a kind of symbol of Belgrade, enjoyed by Indira Gandhi, Robert de Niro, and Luciano Pavarotti.
Today, Moscow Schnitt is a reason for many fans to reach the Moscow hotel, just on the snit. The best in Boka Bay you’d surely eat at the Forza pastry shop in the Old Town of Kotor.
And if you want to prepare it yourself, here's the original recipe:
Six egg whites
Six tablespoons of sugar 
Five tablespoons of ground biscuit
One spoon of flour
Six tablespoons of ground nuts
1 litre of milk
120 g of density or starch
Six yolks
400g of sugar
Packet of vanilla sugar
Five egg whites
500 g of sugar
500 g of butter
700 g sour cherries
200 g of sugar for cherries
300 g of pineapple (fresh or from compote)
300 g of peaches from the compote
50 g of almond leaves
Beat the egg whites with sugar. Mix flour and cookie, and then gently combine it with whites and fold into a larger rectangular sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 200 degrees, and split the chilled bark into four parts.
Mix the starch, yolk, sugar and vanilla sugar with a little milk, and place the rest of the one litre to soak and then use the mixture of eggs in it. Cook for five minutes with continuous stirring. A little harder to caramelise 400 g of sugar and pour it in, mixing it into the whipped egg whites. Wait until it cools down, then combine it with a dried butter and the cooked creme.
Cook cherries with the remaining sugar, rinse them and cool. Cut pineapples and peaches into dices.
Make the cake: bark, cream, pineapple, peach, cream, bark, cream, cherries, cream, bark, cream, bark, and cream. Sprinkle the finished cake with almonds.
Recommendation: Hold back; do not eat three pieces of Moscow Schnitt in a row! 

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