Countryside Gourmet Fest in Herceg Novi

By , 29 May 2018, 11:03 AM Gourmet
Last year event in Kameno Last year event in Kameno

The 3rd Traditional Hinterland Food Festival will take place on June 3rd  in the village of Kameno, Herceg Novi.

May 29, 2018 - The fair will be titled "Flavors and Fragrances of the Novi countryside", bringing together some twenty exhibitors, with the new program full of exciting details, announced the Agency for Development and Conservation of Orjen Mountain.

The agency invites guests to join them on Sunday, try organic products of their region and taste the food, prepared according to traditional recipes, fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, "neprskani" (non-sprayed) products, as locals like to call 'organic' products.

Goat cheese and milk, mountain honey, nettle pie, buckwheat bread, beef and pork ham - pršut will be among products that visitors could try.

The official opening of the Fair will be held at 17:15 with the concert of the Sloga Cultural and Art Society. From 18:00, guests can exchange recipes of famous traditional dishes, and at 19:00, they can participate in historical entertainment games.

The vocal, instrumental composition Ferali will provide the entertainment program, and for the youngest, educational and entertaining games are provided. The fair will close at 20:00.

Nettle Pie Recipe

400 gr wheat flour
300 gr corn flour
1 spoon of salt
50 ml of lukewarm water
if necessary grease or butter
300 gr of chopped nettle
300 gr of cheese
3 eggs
if necessary, oil

Place wheat and corn flour and salt in a bowl. Add lukewarm water to make a medium-hard dough.

The dough is divided into 24 parts. Roll each piece into a ball. Dough balls are rolled into a diameter of 10 cm.

Take one round, cover with butter, put the second ball on it, coat with butter, and put the third ball on top.

This will be done with all balls, so there eight balls in which three are coated with hot fat.

The dough balls will sit until we prepare the filling.

Boil the nettle, chop it, and add cheese, eggs, and salt.

Place in a lubricated circumference of 32 cm, sprinkle with two tablespoons of oil and three tablespoons of nettle mixture.

Then roll out the dough balls and fill them with the mixture. Sprinkle the last dough with the remaining nettle mixture and put the pie to bake at 200 degrees until it is a golden yellow color.

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