The First School of Objectivism in Montenegro Has Started

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The First School of Objectivism in Montenegro Has Started Copyrights The Lucha Institute

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April 12th, 2018 – Ayn Rand and philosophy of objectivism has been for a long time in the hotspot of discussions. Objectivism as philosophy influenced many individuals who were in business, politics, entertainment, academia, etc. Others vehemently oppose philosophy of objectivism considering it as cruel, egocentric and immoral philosophy.

Recently in Podgorica, Balkan Objectivist Centre and The Lucha Institute have started John Galt School of Objectivism where 20 young individuals and students are discussing and questioning some of the core principles of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. These individuals do not consider themselves as objectivist, but they are interested in finding more about this philosophical movement and applying some of the principles in their everyday’s life. The first School of Objectivism was very successful when it’s about the application process. Over 50 young individuals applied for the first School, which is for Montenegro tremendous number. Having in mind that majority of citizens in Montenegro are still under the influence of some collectivistic ideologies and philosophies, it’s success to see that young people are interested to find more about other philosophical approaches.

On Wednesday April 4th, on the Students Day in Montenegro, the first School of Objectivism, John Galt, was launched in cooperation with the Balkan Objectivist Center and the Ayn Rand Institute in California. The first lecture within the School of Objectivism was held by the President of the Balkan Objectivist Centre, Maja Vrtarić, on the topic: Philosophy - Who needs it? In her lecture, she reflected on the historical development of philosophy and its influence on the individual and society, starting with the first great thinkers such as Tales, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, to modern philosophical trends as is objectivism.

The programme consists eight lectures that cover the core principles of philosophy, objectivism as philosophical direction, the influence objectivism has in today’s world, but also the ways young people can use the views of objectivism for self-development and progress in their careers. The programme has been implemented successfully in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, and now for the first time, it will be performed in Montenegro.

During the programme, critical philosophical, moral and political concepts will be addressed in the context of the objectivism. The philosophy of objectivism was set by an American author of Russian origin, Ayn Rand in the mid-twentieth century, defining it as a philosophy of reason, that is, “philosophy for life on Earth.” Objectivism, which emphasises the primacy of logic and reason, has become popular with a broader audience through the Ayn Rand novel and has proven to be very influential to date. It has influenced many celebrities, from entrepreneurs, artists, to the most prominent politicians.

The programme includes lectures as well as creative sessions that include film projections and reading sections where the practical implications of this philosophy will be specifically addressed. The programme is especially useful for those who want to examine the different traditions of the political philosophy of liberalism, as well as those who want to better understand social and political processes and outcomes in Montenegro, the region and the world.
All students of the School of Objectivism – “Who is John Galt?” Will have at their disposal professional literature, access to books from the library, recommendations for visits to essential conferences in Europe and the USA, and a certificate of successful attendance.

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