PM Marković: Major Government and Private Sector Investments in Nikšić

By , 19 Sep 2019, 19:00 PM Business
PM Marković: Major Government and Private Sector Investments in Nikšić Copyrights: Government of Montenegro, B. Ćupić

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19 September 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković was recently on a working visit to Nikšić, after which he stated that the municipality follows the Government's strategic development policies that are focused on the overall development of the country and improving the quality of life of its citizens, and that in Nikšić there is a boom in investments from both the public and the private sector.

"Here, we see progress in every place and the main indicator of such a trend is the information that the unemployment rate in Nikšić today is below 13 per cent. In early 2016, it was 22.8 per cent. So, people in Nikšić are working, people in Nikšić are getting employment, a lot is being done in Nikšić on the development of utility infrastructure, new roads, water supply, social infrastructure - over 1,000 apartments are being built today in this city. Therefore, we have a new quality here, we have people here who can finance it, and the State is investing tens of millions through its capital projects. Only the reconstruction of the regional road from Nikšić to Vilusi or what we have done from Petrovići to Vraćenovići and of course the entry into the procedure of construction of a new road from Cetinje via Čevo to Nikšić will cost over EUR 50 million. We have a great situation in Nikšić, one serious team, a good partnership between the Government and the Municipality," the Prime Minister said.

According to the official statement by the Government of Montenegro, during his visit, PM Marković and the representatives discussed the current city development projects, such as phase II of the sewer system, reconstruction of the city football stadium, for which the Government allocated 3 million euros, and the Football Association of Montenegro 1.5 million euros.

The Prime Minister, alongside Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović, laid the foundation stone for the construction of a multifunctional playground at the Dušan Bojović Elementary School in Župa. On that occasion, PM Marković promised that the Government would finance the construction of the entire section of the road from Župa to Nikšić in the length of 21km.

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