Wines of Plantaže Won Seven Gold Medals at China Wine & Spirits Awards

By , 31 Aug 2019, 15:04 PM Business
Wines of Plantaže Won Seven Gold Medals at China Wine & Spirits Awards New Awards for Plantaže Wines, copyright Plantaže
  1. 31. August 2019 - Wines of the company 13. Jul - Plantaže continued with a gold string of medals at the world's largest competitions, announced the PRiSMA-corporate communications, authorized PR agency of „13. Jul Plantaze” company.

New international recognition for Montenegrin wines comes from the recently concluded China Wine & Spirits Awards, the largest and most prestigious competition in China. Plantaže had sent samples that won nine medals: seven gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

Malvasia wine 2017 has won Double gold. Gold was also awarded to Vranac 2015, Epoch 2013, Premier 2011, Vranac Barrique 2015 and Vranac Reserve 2013. The silver medal went to Vranac Pro Corde 2015, while Vladika 2015 won bronze in this prestigious Chinese competition.

Over 100 international judges, composed of distributors, trade wines, sommeliers of wines and spirits, blindly evaluated wines from 55 countries. The award-winning Plantaže products have received numerous awards all over the world so far, and this is just another confirmation of their superior quality, as concluded in the announcement.

Over half a century, the Montenegrin company 13. Jul - Plantaže represents one of the greatest and most important producers of grapes, wines and grape brandy in Southeast Europe. It owns a unique vineyard in a single complex, covering an impressive area of cc.2.300 ha. Nowadays, Plantaže produces cc.22 million kilos of grapes annually, selling more than 16 million bottled products in over 40 countries in the world. Plantaže is recognisable by the authentic products, made of the authentic grape varieties. Each wine is different because it has been made in a particular place and a single vineyard, as said on the official website of the company -

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