Luštica Development and Uniprom will be Delivering Electricity to Luštica Bay and Aluminum Plant

By , 02 Aug 2019, 15:33 PM Business
Luštica Development and Uniprom will be Delivering Electricity to Luštica Bay and Aluminum Plant Copyrights: Luštica Bay Media

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02 August 2019 - Energy Regulatory Agency acquired the status of a closed distribution electricity system for the Uniprom company and Luštica Development.

These companies thus gained the right to deliver electricity independently in the zone of the Aluminum Plant, that is, in the area of Luštica Development tourist complex.

The purpose of the closed distribution system is the delivery of the electricity in the geographically limited area for the complexes which have integration of work or production process, trade or service activities, such as Aluminum Plant and processing factories built by Uniprom within the Plant and Luštica Bay, as CdM reports.

“Uniprom Nikšić and Luštica Development Utilities Company are obliged to pay a fee for the use of the closed distribution system, following the law. Uniprom is obliged to provide special measuring sites for the users, before the contract is concluded,” read the decisions adopted by ERA in yesterday’s session.

The closed distribution system of Uniprom, which own Aluminum Plant, is connected to the transmission system through three connecting transmission lines. The closed distribution system of Luštica is connected to the distribution system managed by CEDIS Pržno substation. This institute was introduced three years ago.

Uniprom Group planned on the opening of the Uniprom KAP factory of aluminum billets/logs for December 2019. The planned value of this investment is approximately 15 million EUR. It is expected that these two factories will create 80 new jobs.

"In addition to the already installed silumin factory, which will produce 30,000 tons of special alloys of an outstanding foreign market value of 75 million USD, which will be opened soon, we are starting to implement the next project, which is the construction of a new factory of aluminum billets/logs," said owner of the company Veselin Pejović on this occasion.

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