Premium List of Domain Names and Reserved Domain Names Updated

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Premium List of Domain Names and Reserved Domain Names Updated Copyrights: Media

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02 August 2019 - During the latest session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Annex to the Contract on the Registration of domain names with the Procedure for the Assignment of domain names from the premium and reserved domain list.

The Annex defines the new manner of the assignment of domain names recognized as “domain of direct offer”. List of reserved domains now contains the following domain names:,,,, and, while the premium list consists of domains such as:,,,,,,,… . The Government determined that a minimum price at which a domain can be sold shall be formed on the basis of expertise.

The Government also adopted amendments to the List of reserved domain names with international names with amended List. Following that, domains:,,,, and, were included on the list, whereas several domain names were relocated to the list of premium domains.

Since 2008, when the registration started, .me domain has been attracting attention thanks to its interesting meaning, diversity and, above all, possibility for personalization in accordance with the users’ needs.

“Before commercial registration of domains, the Government defined a list of premium and reserved domain names in cooperation with Domen LLC. The objective was to create active and relevant contents in the best .me premium and reserved domains which would establish total value of .me community and make domain globally recognizable. Names that attract attention and generate demand contribute to the transformation of total .me cyber space into a successful cyber community which becomes more attractive for new members,” stated the representatives of the Government.

In 2012, a Development program which envisages assignment of domains on the basis of project planned for the development in that particular domain was introduced. By the end of 2018, around 700 premium domain names have been allocated via auctions and over 200 premium domain names through Development program.

Quality of the domain name is determined in accordance with the number of visits to the so called pages specially created for every domain from premium and reserved list. Another important indicator of demand for a domain is the number of applications for the Development Program.

However, 2018 saw the evident decline in number and quality development program applications as a consequence of accessibility of premium names of other extensions after the decision of ICANN on opening market for new generic domains.

“Due to great competition, registers developed a new functionality of premium registrations and renewals, which enables registrars to be part of the premium registration chain. Registration chain has expanded significantly,” said the representatives of the Government.

Application of the new allocation approach entails defining the money value of the domain. A user who is ready to pay the amount following the principle “first come, first served” gets the right to use the domain.

Such an approach is very similar to the allocation of names in the secondary market. Premium and reserved domain names assignment procedure via direct offer

Direct offer is divided into two phases. The first phase involves getting in contact will all potential registrants who have expressed their interest in .me premium domains. This phase of the registration is going to be carried out via “Afternic” platform.

“Registration agent determines the proposal for minimum allocation prices, which is formed on the basis of expertise. After that, domains are segmented into a specific number of price groups,” reads the document, as CdM reports.

After independent expert had estimated the value of all premium .me domains, ten price groups are formed.

Every domain will be initially offered on the “Afternic” platform at maximum price in its belonging group, whereas minimum price at which domain can be sold is the price proposed by independent expert.

The difference between the published and minimum price will create room for negotiations with registrant, since the registrant can offer his own amount on the platform.

The second phase is expected to begin on 31 January 2020. In this phase, after prices had been formed on the basis of minimum registration prices, registrant will not be able to impact it anymore.

The second phase also entails testing two registration options: premium registration plus regular renewal and premium registration plus premium renewal.

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