Most Significant Marketing Conference in SEE Taking Part in Tivat

By , 25 May 2019, 21:38 PM Business Most Significant Marketing Conference in SEE Taking Part in Tivat 2019- 9th Conference Edition, Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Copyright: Natasa Djukanovic FB, #sparkme

May 25, 2019 - Under the motto "Blaze the Trail," the seventh, one of the largest marketing conferences in Southeast Europe, began today at the Porto Montenegro Auditorium in Tivat. The organizer of is the company doMEn, the registration agency of the Montenegrin national internet, and the general sponsor is the company M-tel.

The Conference is being organized since 2013, providing participation of prominent world experts in one of the most critical industries of today. Peter Shankman opened the seventh gathering, and his inspirational stories from life and business had proper lessons and intrigued the auditorium, raising numerous questions.
The theme of his presentation was "Customer Economy" - which he said was incredibly simple. What is most famous for service providers is to listen to customers, and the first rule is transparency. "To have the audience is a privilege, not a right," said Shankman, which should especially be taken into account by media outlets. Demonstrating that his preoccupation is profoundly universal, encouraged by the fact that two friends committed suicide in the past year, he ended his exposure by turning his attention to the fact that we all need to keep mental health and that we need someone to listen to us. He offered his help - "contact someone, if you do not know who, contact me."
Shankman is a professor at the University of New York, the author of five business bestsellers, an expert in customer experience, and a serial entrepreneur. "The New York Times" described him as a "rock star who knows absolutely everything about social media." Shankman is also the single father of a six-year-old girl.
Jason Miller, Director of Brand Marketing for the EMEA region at Microsoft, a rocker photographer, and professor of digital marketing at Berkeley gave a lecture on creativity and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to developing the company's brand, Miller develops programs based on the latest technological advances, such as artificial intelligence.
The conference allows participants to learn about current trends in the field of marketing, technology, and business from world-famous experts, and to get in touch with over 580 conference participants from 28 countries in the world.
Followed the exposure of Cate Murden, founder of the PUSH consulting firm, basing his practice on human behavior research, and the lecture by Julius Dein, one of the most famous magicians of the world, who managed to build an online audience of over 20 million followers in just three years. Sam Conniff Allende, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who founded ten successful companies on the principles of social entrepreneurship and the bestselling author, held the lecture titled "Professional Rule Breaking – The Next Essential 21st Century Skill." Followed the presentation of Anab Jain -TED speakers, designer, film producer, and co-founder Superflux, a world-renowned company that innovates in the field of design and technology trying to bring us closer to the world of the future.
On the second day of the Conference, participants will meet Brooke Saward, founder, and editor of one of the world's most popular blogs about travel in the world - the World of Wanderlust, with the help of which she built an online audience with over 1.2 million members. 
Jeremiah Owyang is the co-founder of Kaleido Insights, and worldwide authority to develop programs that boost innovation by corporations. One of the tomorrow lecturers will also be Tom Goodwin, vice president and director of innovation at Zenith Media, one of the world's largest advertising agencies. Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz, working to develop and implement innovative digital strategies for companies such as Dell, EMC, Adobe, IBM, UFC, Applebees and SAP, will expose his experience within the lecture "Think Like a Fan." 
One of the guests of the seventh conference is Lars Silberbauer, Vice President Viacom Digital Studios, Viacom Department responsible for creating and distributing the digital content of some of the world's leading entertainment industry leaders, such as MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central., the largest conference event so far held in the Porto Montenegro Auditorium and the first conference edition in Tivat, is finishing tomorrow, including the announcement of the most successful projects within Startup Competition, the regular segment of the conference program. The closing keynote, named "How to Fix the future" will give Andrew Keen, author of the bestseller "Amateur Cult - How the Internet Kills Culture" and one of the most famous and most controversial commentators of the digital revolution in the world.
Source: Radio Tivat,

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