Harbor Master Offices in Kotor and Bar Should Have More Autonomy

By , 07 May 2019, 12:01 PM Business
Harbor Master Offices in Kotor and Bar Should Have More Autonomy Harbor Master Office in Kotor, Photo by Sinisa Lukovic, Vijesti

May 7, 2019 - The Harbor Master offices in Kotor and Bar should have a higher degree of autonomy, primarily financial, to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport, considered the Union of Seafarers of Montenegro - Kotor.

They say that the Harbor Master offices should have greater financial independence, and in terms of very profitable segments of administration, it would be fair that their premises would be more representative. Not only thanks to seafarers' donations but also through compulsory investment by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport, which carries the most significant percentage of profits from the port's operations.
"Two months ago, representatives of the Seafarers' Board of Management visited the Harbor Master offices in Bar and Kotor. One of the most important observations was the need for recruiting additional staff to reduce the crowd. The Ministry promised to work on it in the hope that our suggestions and pressures are fruitful. According to the latest information we received, the Harbor Master Office in Kotor has employed two new administrative workers. We did not have any objections to the efficiency of the Harbor Master Office in Bar at the time of the documentation," the Union of Seafarers said.
During the visit, there was a lack of investment in equipment and maintenance, as well as the lack of interior space.
"As the Harbor Master Office is a contact zone, not only seafarers as domiciled people but also foreign guests when arriving at the ports of Montenegro, we think that the Ministry must deal with these problems, improve the conditions in which they are and increase the monetary independence of these institutions. Situations such as lack of basic office equipment, hygiene products and work equipment, as well as poor installations, moisture in the walls and damaged ceramic tiles should not be a picture of institutions such as port captains. It is a public secret that sometimes employees have to deal with office supplies waiting for them to be awarded a contingent of public procurement. In February this year, we learned that the last such acquisition was at the beginning of 2018, which is an incredible record. The need for better rationalization is also expressed by the fact that the Maritime Safety Authority has entered the process of procuring a precious specialized vessel, while on the other side the official car of the Harbor Master of Kotor, as we know, stands in the parking lot unregistered," said the Union.
"This is not about to incite any resistance, or to create a political issue, but about the management of this segment of public administration and its commitment to its progress. We hope that this image will soon change into something more beautiful, as it already fits the importance and reputation of these institutions," said the Union of Seafarers of Montenegro.

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