Union of Seafarers to Help Efficiency of Harbor Master Office Kotor and Bar

By , 07 Mar 2019, 22:05 PM Business
Union of Seafarers to Help Efficiency of Harbor Master Office Kotor and Bar Union of Seafarers- Harbor Master Office Kotor Needs More Referents, Copyright: Vijesti

March 7, 2019 - Members of the Managing Board of the Union of Seafarers Montenegro based in Kotor are ready to assist in all projects that will improve the efficiency and fluency of the work of the Harbor Master Offices in Kotor and Bar.

In the Union, they claim that the Harbor Master Office in Kotor lacks the workers who serve seafarers, and are not satisfied with the technical equipment of this civil service.
"We hope that the current situation will be corrected and that the problem will be solved by the new systematization of jobs in the Kotor Harbor Master Office by the arrival of new desk workers, thereby shortening the waiting time and reducing the crowd in this significant institution," say Seafarers.
Harbor Master Offices Kotor and Bar stand as the most important administrative and bureaucratic centers for seafarers.
"As such, they should provide quality and organized service, and we witness that it is not so - especially in Kotor, which is one of the reasons why representatives of the Union of Seafarers had a meeting with Captain Bruno Brkanovic. We found the Harbor Master at the desk; he helped the colleague to reduce the number of waiting sailors." From the Union of Seafarers, they claim it is not a rare case.
According to the Union of Seafarers, it is strange and unacceptable the shortage of the interior of the building and equipment, since this service is one of the most liquid public institutions in the territory of the Kotor municipality. Harbor Master Office Kotor and Bar contribute vast sums of many to the state budget daily by providing various services to sailors, boat owners, yachts and cruise ships.
"We have received information that ten employees are currently in the Harbor Master Office in Kotor, of which the job of a desk worker is performed by only one person what is, according to the Union completely unacceptable. 
Harbor Master Bruno Brkanovic informed the representatives of the Union of Seafarers about overcoming this problem, and that new staffs will soon be engaged.
If there are no legal barriers, the Union of Seafarers is ready to provide a copy machine, which will be available to seafarers, to work more efficiently at the Harbors Offices in Bar and Kotor. "The unit would serve the sailor only in case he missed or forgot to copy a smaller number of items. It would avoid the situation that the seafarer after a long wait would be denied or returned from the counter under the pretext of incomplete documentation, "they said from the Union.

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