Port of Kotor and Government Signed Concession Contract

By , 26 Mar 2019, 09:29 AM Business
Port of Kotor and Government Signed Concession Contract Port of Kotor and Government Signing the Concession Contract, Copyright: Radio Kotor

March 26, 2019 - President of the Management Board of the Port of Kotor DOO, Branko Ivanovic, signed the Contract on the Priority Concession on the Water and Operational Coast of the Port in Kotor with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Traffic in the Government of Montenegro, Osman Nurkovic. The contract was signed for 12 years.

"By signing a concession contract, the city gate is in the hands of the Kotor municipality and the Montenegrin state. Luka Kotor is a good example as it proves that a state-owned firm can successfully carry out its activities," said President of the Managing Board of Luka Kotor, Branko Ivanovic, after signing the contract.
He pointed out that in 2018, the Port of Kotor provided Kotor and Montenegro more than a million euros, through taxes, various donations, dividends, contributions, etc.
"By controlling the port in Kotor, we are confident that we will protect the status of the area of Kotor under the protection of UNESCO. I am honored to have a concession after ten years and that I am the one who will sign the contract. I think this is the most beautiful news today for the citizens of Kotor," Ivanovic concluded.
The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Traffic Osman Nurković expressed satisfaction with the signing of the concession contract at twelve years.
"After a long talk with Port of Kotor, first of all about the security risks and how to remove these security risks in the coming period and the delivery of the Port of Kotor's Development Plan, we signed a contract. I hope that it will be of great interest all the employees in Luka, citizens of Kotor and citizens of Montenegro," said Minister of Maritime Affairs and Transport, Osman Nurkovic, and added:
"This is proof that the state does not take into account whether the opposition or the position of government in some local government, primarily negotiating the development of the city and contributing to a state enterprise. It is indeed our pleasure to show that better communication is needed. It is the best example of good communication between ministries and state-owned companies. The most important thing in all of this is to eliminate the security risks and to enable Port of Kotor to invest and develop, safe boat entry, the comfort of passengers and tourists, of course, to the satisfaction of the citizens who will benefit from everything," Nurkovic said.

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