Port Kotor Should Limit Size and Number of Ships

By , 20 Mar 2019, 00:30 AM Business
Port Kotor Should Limit Size and Number of Ships Copyrights: Radio Dux

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19 March 2019 - Port Kotor should have limitations when it comes to the size and number of ships residing in the port, says the Board of the Association of Naval Captains of Montenegro Kotor.

According to the News Agency RTCG, the reason for their reaction was the project which plans to create adequate infrastructure prerequisites for safe and secure reception and servicing of modern passenger vessels. According to the business plan of Port Kotor, new investments in technical and technological solutions related to the construction of a new system for the mooring of cruise ships on pylons should technologically improve port infrastructure. The realization of this project should increase the capacity to accept vessels to the port safely and securely. The primary goals of the project include installation of mooring buoys, expanding marine capacity by placing new pontoons and creating conditions for the service of passengers of ships tied to the pylon.

After the construction of the planned projects, a berth for two ships of 250-300 metres in length and two smaller ships will be provided, it is stated in the business plan that was accepted by the Montenegrin Government, and by which Port Kotor was awarded the first concession. The construction of the pylon in the sea at about 100 meters from the completion of the current operational coastline at Luža and the installation of mooring buoys for cruisers in the aquatorium in front of Dobrota will cost together about three million euros, while planned investments will improve the marine port capacity of the yacht receipt for about half a million euros.

"These projects dramatically reduce manoeuvring space for mega cruisers in the aquatorium, which greatly increases the risk of marine casualties, including the risk of pollution of the marine environment. By completing them, Port Kotor, as the main carrier responsible for the ships’ safety, accepts this genuine and enormous risk in advance. Acceptance of such risks implies that the Port also agrees to great expenses in relations to damages collection, "said the representatives of the Association of Naval Captains of Montenegro Kotor.

They add that the actual depth alongside Luža (for which Port Kotor guarantees that it is safe) is of questionable safety for mega cruisers and that any increase in depth would call into question the static of Luža itself or the safety of berths for such large ships.

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