Montenegro and Turkey: Montenegro is Dynamic State with Developing Economy

By , 10 Mar 2019, 22:49 PM Business
Montenegro and Turkey: Montenegro is Dynamic State with Developing Economy Copyrights: Embassy of Turkey in Montenegro

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09 March 2019 - Excluding Turkey from the Balkans represents a non-objective approach with bad intentions, as Turkey’s approach to the regional problems does not differ from the one the European Union has towards the Balkans, Ambassador of Turkey Ms Songül Ozan said for Pobjeda daily.

“Our relations have been continuously improving in all areas. One can notice the existence of high level of political dialogue and cooperation between the two states,” Ambassador of Turkey Ozan stressed.

When it comes to direct foreign investments in Montenegro, she added that Turkey holds the 5th position.

“We have the same approach in solving the international and regional issues. Thanks to Turkish Airlines, our global brand, the citizens of Montenegro can visit the most beautiful landmarks in Turkey or worldwide. Also, Ziraat Bank in Montenegro has been providing the most favorable banking services to Montenegrin citizens as well as to Turks working in Montenegro. These are the facts proving that relations between the two states are excellent,” Ozan pointed out.

There is a potential for improving cooperation, according to her.

“During my term of office, I will be committed to improving our cooperation in all areas. Montenegro is a young and dynamic state, with an economy continuously developing and there are so many untouched places good for investments,” Ozan said adding that Montenegro benefited a lot from NATO membership.

“Montenegro has become a very attractive country thanks to the fact it has foreseeable future, and it is a NATO member state and future EU member state. Keeping in mind our joint history and culture, as well as the fact that Montenegro citizens are always so hospitable just as we are, there is no doubt it all positively affects our citizens,” Ozan concluded, adding that Montenegro represents one of the most popular countries for Turks.

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