Damen Wants Masters and Engineers of Arsenal and the Adriatic Shipyard

By , 10 Feb 2019, 18:57 PM Business
Damen Wants Masters and Engineers of Arsenal and the Adriatic Shipyard Damen: Animation of the future shipyard in Bijela

February 10, 2019 - A consortium made by Adriatic Marinas - Porto Montenegro from Tivat and Damen, a Dutch company that deals globally with the construction of ships and superyachts, launched a program for recruiting engineers in shipbuilding and overhauling yachts, who will work in the new shipyard in Bijela.

"Namely, the program will cover the "Open Doors" organisation at the shipyard, which is now in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction, for all stakeholders involved in this activity. I am pleased to announce that the former employers of the Sava Kovacevic Repair Company - Arsenal from Tivat, the Adriatic shipyards of Bijela, as well as engineers on ships of different types - will have a priority in employment," said David Margason, Managing Director of Adriatic Marinas.
The company says that a new naval facility in Bijela, which will work within the Damen Corporation, will bring many benefits to the Montenegrin economy, as it is expected that more than 300 people will be recruited in the shipbuilding industry in Boka.
"Bijela, Herceg Novi and Boka Bay are the historical heritage of this industrial sector in Montenegro, and with this project, the region will again provide recognised services of this kind to the entire Mediterranean maritime market," announced Adriatic Marinas.
Damen's joint venture company and corporation work on hiring the initial workforce to participate in the planning and transformation of the Bijela Shipyard into a new overhaul facility. At the moment they are working for the possible early start of its preliminary operations - provision of some services at the current west wing of the shipyard, while on the eastern works on ecological rehabilitation of the site.
In the future employment fairs in this domain of business in Bijela, members of the Damen Yachting/Amels team and representatives of Damen will be present. For more detailed information about the dates, the public will soon be notified.
"Damen is a global company that deals with this industry at the highest industry standards, with a professional team of engineers and operating personnel of shipbuilding and overhaul. We believe that Boka Bay is a resource of qualified experts in all of these profiles, and we will gather a great team to revive this industry again. All of them will have the opportunity to cooperate and work under our mentorship with our global Damen yards team," said Eel Kant, representative of Damen.

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