Asylum in Kavac Receives Special Vehicle from Adriatic Marinas

By , 21 Mar 2019, 14:06 PM Lifestyle
Asylum in Kavac Receives Special Vehicle from Adriatic Marinas Asylum in Kavac Got New Special Vehicle

March 21, 2019 - To provide the more efficient disposal of abandoned and lost animals and their removal from the streets and poor living conditions, Adriatic Marinas financed the purchase of a vehicle for the Utility Company of Kotor, which operates in this and the Municipality of Tivat, under whose jurisdiction Asylum in Kavac.

Porto Montenegro recognised the importance of this activity in two local communities and financed the purchase of a 6,000-euro vehicle. These donations will improve our work mainly in emergency interventions in the area of Kotor and Tivar, and we are always ready to intervene to invite citizens and guests. I thank Adriatic Marinas for the donation, said Director of the Municipal Company of Kotor Mladen Lucic.
There are currently 226 dogs in the asylum in Kavac.
"I want to emphasise that one of the centrally planned activities of dog keeping goes with satisfying dynamics this year, and I will remind you that for 80 dogs were fed into the past year. I emphasise that dogs are under constant veterinary control. In particular, I would like to point out that the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat are financing the tendering procedure for the enlargement of the Asylum. I hope that other legal entities and physical persons will follow the way of your company and will be able to make donations," says the dog shelter coordinator,  Sanja Marovic.
The dog shelter was founded in the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat on the property of the Utility Company Kotor in Kavac in 2010. There are eight cages of 22.5 square metres and eight boxes of 13.5 squares at that location. The quarantine section with 20 entrance halls and a yard with auxiliary facilities make up a total area of 348 square meters.
"The shelter,  made as a result of the joint project of the Tivat and Kotor municipalities, meets all the conditions required by the Veterinary Office of Montenegro. We have the necessary equipment for catching dogs and a professional vehicle, but it is imperative to continually work on the modernisation of equipment that will contribute to more efficient work. The dog catching service responds to every call of citizens," says asylum chief Sanja Marovic.
Last year, more than 80 dogs were fed, as a result of numerous actions and participation at various fairs and dog shows.

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