Privileged Electricity Producers Received 13 Million EUR in 2018

By , 20 Jan 2019, 21:41 PM Business
Privileged Electricity Producers Received 13 Million EUR in 2018 Copyrights: Pixabay

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20 January 2019 - In the name of the stimulation of electricity production from renewable energy sources, privileged producers of electric energy were paid 13,27 million EUR last year, which is 8,75 million EUR more when compared to 2017, suggests the Montenegrin Electricity Market Operator. In 2017 privileged producers generated 244,62 million kWh, reports Pobjeda daily.

“Stimulation of electricity production from renewable resources started on 1 May 2014, and privileged producers have been paid 20,77 million EUR so far. Privileged producers generated 384,44 million KwH in this period,” said representatives of Montenegrin Electricity Market Operator.

According to the Montenegro Electricity Market Operator, “Krnovo Green Energy” company, in the ownership of Austrian “Ivicom Consulting” and French “Akuo Energy” got the most amount of money last year – 9,2 million EUR for the wind farm Krnovo. At the beginning of last year, “Masdar,” Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy company, bought a 49% stake in the Krnovo wind farm.

As far as small hydro power plants are concerned, “Hidroenergija Montenegro” from Berane, founded by Ranko Ubović, Aleksandar Mijajlović, and the “Hemera Capital” company, received 1,75 million EUR.

“Kronor” company from Podgorica got 1,2 million EUR, “Igma Energy” – 476.924 EUR, “Hydro Bistrica” – 421.598 EUR, “Synergy” company – 175.323 EUR, whereas “Nord Energy” company got 37.155 EUR.

As stated in the Energy Balance Decision for 2019, small hydropower plants, which are privileged electric energy producers, will produce 94,8 gigawatt-hours of electricity in 2019, which is ten percent more than the estimated achievement in 2018.

"Wind power plants in Krnovo in 2017, due to the late start of production, realized 48 percent of the planned. This year, the level of electric energy produced in Krnovo was brought to 93 percent," said the energy balance.

The decision also plans that the electricity production from the wind farm on Mozura, whose commercial performance should start next year, will be 111,8 gigawatt-hours.

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