Wind Farm Gvozd to Produce Electricity for 25.000 Households

By , 22 Oct 2019, 20:59 PM Business
Wind Farm Gvozd to Produce Electricity for 25.000 Households Copyrights: Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

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22 October 2019 - The Gvozd wind farm will be of even better quality than Krnovo, due to its great energy potential as the wind speed reaches 17 meters per second in that area. This wind farm will produce electricity enough to meet the needs of 25.000 households, said Krešimir Čondić, CEO of Austria’s IVICOM Holding GmbH.

Renewable energy resources, as strategic commitment of the Electric Power Company of Montenegro and the Gvozd wind farm project, were considered today in the meeting of the Committee on Energy and Mining.

Only one part of the wind potential of the Krnovo plateau has been used in the construction of the Krnovo wind farm.

Gvozd wind farm is expected to have 54,6 MW and to produce approximately 150 kWh of electricity.

The beginning of the construction is the spring of 2021. Works are expected to take 18 months and the wind farm is expected to become fully operational in autumn of 2022. This investment is worth around 60 million EUR, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

Individual wind generators will have 4230/4430 KW of nominal power.

The future wind farm will require the construction of infrastructure, reconstruction of the existing roads and construction of new ones, with the aim of connecting certain wind aggregates.

"Gvozd will be of great quality, even higher than Krnovo," said Čondić.

Director of the sector of Electricity transmission Jagoš Pupović said that they were considering variants for the optimal solution for connecting Krnovo to the energy system.

Head of development and engineering at Electric Power Company of Montenegro Ivan Mrvaljević acquainted members of the Committee with the renewable energy resources to be valued through some modernization projects and ecological reconstructions. He added that the modernization of hydropower plants represented a very important project. Reconstruction of the oldest plant "Perućica" will increase its installed power by 58,5 MW.

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