Real Estate Administration: Address Register Project

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Real Estate Administration: Address Register Project Copyrights: Pixabay

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07 January 2019 - The Real Estate Administration started drawing up an Address register that will collect records of the numbers of houses, streets and squares and that will be the main focus of the Real Estate Administration in 2019, said the first man of the administration, Dragan Kovačević. The address register is one of the key registers of the e-government and therefore, the importance of its establishment will be multiple.

“Areas in which this register will be particularly important are demographic, economic and territorial statistics, spatial planning, performing activities that fall within the competence of police, Armed Forces, tourism, healthcare, education and many other activities from the everyday life,” said Kovačević.

Real Estate Administration started this project last year, in cooperation with the Statistical Office of Montenegro, local administrations and Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

“The first step in drawing up the Register is that the competent institutions analyze the existing situation at the local and central level, as well as that they recognize the needs of the users of the Address register that is supposed to provide the possibility of fast, efficient and reliable business. With the aim of the future cooperation, Real estate Administration has set up a workshop in the cooperation with the Norwegian Cartography Agency. Based on the experience from the meetings held and the analysis of the current situation, the Real Estate Administration has prepared a comprehensive proposal activities plan. Plan of the implementation of this project has been presented, and all the participants of this program agree with the proposed activities,” explained Kovačević.

Kovačević said that this Register would significantly simplify the implementation of regulations in 2021.

“Together with other data from other relevant registers, this approach will facilitate the organization of activities and reduce financial costs,” said Kovačević.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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