Work Hub Montenegro Coworking Office Opened in Podgorica

By , 13 Jul 2019, 16:41 PM Business
Work Hub Montenegro Coworking Office Opened in Podgorica Copyrights: Pixabay

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13 July 2019 - Work Hub Montenegro, a flexible workspace offering an “office when needed” service for modern micro businesses and mobile workers, including those who work from home, was opened in Podgorica, on Radosava Burića Street.

Work Hub Montenegro offers bookable desks, formal and informal meeting spaces, high-speed broadband and professional equipment that members can use when it suits them.

“When you have a small business, you wear a bunch of different hats. You are in charge of sales, marketing, finance, HR, IT... And the list goes on. The last thing you want to worry about is finding and managing an office space. So, we want to make your life easier. We have our fully furnished offices for you with a front desk. You can always contact us for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +382 20 672 514,” it is stated in the official announcement by Work Hub Montenegro’s representatives.

Work Hub Montenegro Opened in Podgorica 222

The work hub offers a professional front for businesses, vital for small or start-up enterprise or a worker running his/her service from home. You can meet clients at the workhub, use its registered address, and have friendly, professional staff at your service.

“Whether you are an entrepreneur, foreign investor, digital nomad, startup, freelancer, developer or a designer; join our community to connect and collaborate with like-minded people, teach and learn from each other, improve and grow your business, save and allocate your resources in a more efficient way and moreover socialize and enjoy life altogether,” says the invitation from Work Hub Montenegro.

The work hub provides a relaxed working environment that facilitates informal business collaboration and networking. You'll find that exchanging ideas, advice and services comes naturally and, crucially, a work hub offers an “antidote to isolation”. WHM allows you to work in a fully equipped office without having to worry about setting up your own private office. You can start working immediately with a minimum investment, save time and money and focus on growing your business.

Work Hub Montenegro offers local and international networking opportunities. Meeting new people from different backgrounds is always a good way to grow and gain more knowledge. Great thinkers, role models, creative minds, established businesspeople, investors, and entrepreneurs from different countries are among WHM community members. Socializing and engaging with like-minded people and exchanging ideas will help you to clear your vision and reach your goals.

Work Hub offers very flexible terms and conditions and there are no strict rules to follow. You can book your co-working space - the desk as you desire and work according to your own needs. It is also very easy to scale up your office space if your team grows by switching plans that can be done easily without any chaos.

WHM was founded by VitaNova Consulting, and its service list includes a private office, private desk, co-sharing desk, virtual office (starter, pro, business), as well as consulting services (Vita Nova consulting services) and assistance with company registration.

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