Montenegrin Perper Becomes Digital Currency

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Montenegrin Perper Becomes Digital Currency Copyrights: Matica crnogorska

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06 January 2019 - On Friday, January 4, Aleksandar Kapisoda, a German of Montenegrin origin, presented the new digital currency – perper, at the Consulate General in Frankfurt.

Kapisoda, an Internet communications engineer and digital technology scientist at a German pharmaceutical company, decided to "resurrect the currency of the Kingdom of Montenegro in a form appropriate for the 21st century" and to deliver his intellectual property as a gift to Montenegro, as reported by the news agency “Pobjeda”.

This project was dedicated to the anniversary of the Christmas rebellion, according to the Diaspora Cooperation Council.

The project by Kapisoda – perper digital currency, is equivalent to bitcoin, or online payment solution or method.

"The main wish of Aleksandar Kapisoda is to use the cryptocurrency perper for those transactions of the diaspora which fund humanitarian and social projects that would benefit the people of Montenegro. However, if the currency gets accepted by a larger number of users, he agrees that the currency can be used for business transactions such as direct investments in the economy of Montenegro," they stressed from the Council.

With this project, Kapisoda has given his support on the path of digitisation to the people of Montenegro, which paves the way for business in the digital world, say the representatives of the Council.

General Consul Karadžic is pleased that the first Montenegrin cryptocurrency saw the light of day on the anniversary of the Christmas Insurrection.

Source: Investitor

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