Meeting between Boskovic and Vukovic: Military Hospital in the Plans?

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November 7, 2018 - The construction of a military hospital for the needs of the Army of Montenegro (VCG) and citizens is planned on the premises of the barracks in Masline, and the valorization of this part is one of the priorities for the Ministry of Defense, it was announced after the meeting of Minister Predrag Boskovic and Mayor Ivan Vukovic.

After the meeting, Vukovic said that the construction of the military hospital is one of the new, capital projects.

As he said, the Ministry intends to build a military hospital, which would serve the needs of VCG, but would also be open to citizens, because it would be linked to the healthcare system of Montenegro.

Boskovic said one of the major priorities for the Ministry of Defense is the valorization of the barracks 'Marko Miljanov Popovic', with more than 380 thousand square meters.

As he stated, after gaining independence, this area was not maintained in the right way. "Works in this area have already begun. The appointment of staff who will carry out the elaborate of the barracks in Masline in ongoing," Boskovic added.

Vuković said that the Ministry of Defense and VCG is not only a credible international partner but also an important partner of the capital in numerous projects and jobs, which may not be directly related to what is the primary activity of the military.

Vukovic thanked the Ministry for help in breaking through the roads in rural areas of Podgorica.

 As he stated, with the help of the Ministry, over the past three years, about 100 km (km) of new roads have been constructed. Vukovic added that the ministry helped during the fire season during, of which there were 12 joint interventions. 

"There is a lot of space for cooperation. A number of topics were opened at the meeting, and we discussed the ways to use certain locations in the Capital. The Ministry is in possession of significant land sites," added Vukovic. He said that the capital is interested in certain locations owned by the Ministry, which, as he added, will try to put them in the function of cultural development in the area of Podgorica. According to Vukovic, the formation of a working group was agreed, which will deal more closely with all the topics of today's meeting. He said that the relocation of the monument of Josip Broz Tito from the memorial room in the barracks in Masline to another location in the Capital which has not yet been determined is in process. "If everything goes well, it's not unrealistic for the monument to see the light of the day on December 19th," Vukovic said.

One of the key challenges, he said, is the housing problem of VCG employees.

"We hope that the army will never be used to protect the state borders from aggression from anyone, but it will be useful for civil institutions and citizens in solving the challenges that exist," said Boskovic.

He added that one part of the barracks in Masline will be open to the public and that there is an initiative to turn the memorial room into a museum.

Asked whether the Montenegrin army, which took part along with the allies in World War I, would mark a hundred years since the end of the war, Boskovic said that October 5th was celebrated as the day of VCG and that there would be no special celebrations.

Vukovic said that the capital will not participate in the celebration of the tragic moment of Montenegrin history, the Podgorica Assembly, and that the request for the celebration has not been made so far.

Asked by journalists whether the nuclear shelters would be valorized, Vukovic said that the future working group would deal with this issue.

"We intend to implement the project of the western bypass, that is the road that will connect the Cetinje and Niksic roads, the construction of a boulevard between Podgorica and Danilograd should start next year," Vukovic concluded.

Text by MINA, on November 6th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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