Carine Company and Metropolitanate Building a Hotel?

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Carine Company and Metropolitanate Building a Hotel? Copyrights: Youtube Screenshot

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July 04, 2018 - The Company "Carine" owned by Mr. Čedo Popović and the Church of Kumbor Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral Region is building a hotel on the site of the current weekend settlement Šumadija. This land plot of two thousand square meters, owned by the Church of Kumbor Metropolitanate Kumbor, borders on the plot of the Carine Enterprise. Thus, the landowners signed an agreement on the joint construction and lease of that plot.

Kumbor is a coastal town on the Herceg Novi Riviera, about 6 km from the city. It is a tourist attraction where tourists can rent apartments and enjoy its beaches. From Kumbor, you can reach all popular destinations by boat: Rose, Žanjica, Mirišta, Blue Caves, Our Lady of the Rocks, Kotor). In Kumbor, there is a small marina, in which only old fishing boats of modest dimensions can fit. Campsite Šumadija is a church property under the direct administration of the Church of Kumbor.

Although the moving notice was expected, the announcement of the urgent relocation has unpleasantly surprised the owners of the houses. The representatives of the Metropolitanate explained how in the 60s, there was a camping complex "Šumadija" which the owners of the 30-weekend houses used for their holidays.

“Most leaseholders have plots of 60-70 square meters, with prefabricated houses of 15 to 20 square meters, and they paid a lease of around 300 EUR a year. Lease agreements were extended to different periods, and the 2004 contract, which included the renovation of worn-out caravans, has been extended to ten years.”

At the end of last year, owners of weekend houses were first unofficially notified that they had to move, with the deadline being January, and later the term for eviction was postponed. The newest deadline for moving is July 15th. According to the reports, the municipality of Kumbor complied with all contractual obligations to tenants, offered different locations for relocating houses and continuing leases. However, most tenants were not satisfied with the solutions offered.

"We do not see that the house owners have suffered through injustice. They used the land for an exceptionally low price, and partly even rented their houses to tourists. This is not a misunderstanding that can be overcome by the goodwill of the Metropolitanate, but by our legal obligation to bring the land in our possession in accordance with the planning documents," the Metropolitanate explained.

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