Podgorica to Receive 30th Bridge

By , 24 Apr 2018, 10:59 AM Travel
Podgorica to Receive 30th Bridge Source: Pixabay

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The bypass is 3.621 meters long, and the bridge itself 150 meters

Podgorica is due to receive its 30th bridge in the town zone in a year and a half. The bridge will be art of the southwestern bypass, beginning from the Podgorica-Petrovac highway towards Cetinje, the capital authorities have confirmed.

The best bidder was selected, the Bemax d.o.o. company, to construct the 1st and 3rd sections of the southwestern bypass, from the Podrgorica-Petrovac highway to the bridge and form the bridge to the Podgorica-Cetinje road.

The tender was valued at 15.918.653 euro, while the Bemax offer was 9.870.035 euro. The bypass is 3.621 meters long, divided into three sections, with the mentioned bridge over Morača River 150 meters long and an overpass in the KAP zone, 29.4 meters long. The bypass profile will have two traffic lanes of seven meters width each, a divider two meters wide and pedestrian paths on both sides, two meters wide.

Plans for additional infrastructure include runoff sewage, general sewage, public lighting and a water pipeline. The water pipeline on the right bank of Morača will connect to the newly designed pipeline along the Cetinje road, also connecting on the left bank with the existing pipeline along the M-2 highway. Along most of the route a faecal sewage collector will be built, to be connected to the future waste water purification system.

According to tender documentation, the contractor is due to complete works within 540 days. The southwestern bypass, worth nearly 22 million euro, is a capital project which will provide for Podgorica a modern boulevard-type road, connecting highways Podgorica-Cetinje and Podgorica-Petrovac, removing transit traffic from the city core.

Translated from Café del Montenegro, for the original click here.

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