5 Things Most Tourists Miss in Podgorica

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5 Things Most Tourists Miss in Podgorica Copyright Murthil

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April 18, 2018 - Podgorica is attracting more and more tourists. What are the things to see and do that most of them miss?

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro, with an area of 108 square kilometers and a population of roughly 200.000 people. The town is located in the central region of Montenegro, making it just an hour away from the sea, as well as an hour away from the mountains. Podgorica offers many places to visit. Here are and the top five things tourists probably miss while staying in Podgorica.

Niagara Falls

These waterfalls are located 10 minutes away from Podgorica and are unknown to tourists. The Niagara Falls are naturally created waterfalls from the Cijevna river, and during warm days, provides a refreshing experience for its visitors. In the area, there is a restaurant alongside the river which offers national food and drink. During pleasant weather, the Niagara Falls are a great place to relax and cool down.


Podgorica is widely popular among foreign tourists for its “13. Jul – Plantaze” wine. However, the thing that most people do not know is the way these wines are produced, prepared for aging and put away in the barrels. Podgorica has many wine houses and wineries for all to visit. One wine cellar in particular which requires special attention is “Sipcanik”. This wine cellar is near Podgorica and is located in a cave which used to be a runway and hideout for airplanes. People who visit “Sipcanik” have a wonderful opportunity to see and taste different kinds of wines while witnessing the variety of ways the wines are made and enjoying the sight and ambient.

Dajbabska Gora Radio Tower

In the part of Podgorica named Zabjelo, there is a radio tower which you can get to by car and foot. This Radio Tower offers a beautiful view of Podgorica, especially during at night when the town is sprinkled with lights. 

Plavnica Complex and Eco Resort

South of Podgorica, there is an eco-resort which offers many unusual experiences. Located by the Skadar Lake, visitors can enjoy animals in their natural habitat, a hotel and restaurant complex, swimming pools and riverside walking paths.

Adventure Park Gorica

Boasting clean and crisp air, no cars or the sounds of loud machinery, and walking and bicycle paths, the Adventure Park in Gorica gives visitors an opportunity to test their mental and physical strength while they cross the many obstacles to reach the top of the hill. Podgorica translates to 'Under Gorica', and this hill represents the best of everything in a single place. The Gorica hill is also pet-friendly so that animals can take a break from fast tempo of city life, too. 

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