€1 Entrance Fee for Old Town of Budva to be Introduced

By , 16 Mar 2018, 12:16 PM Travel
€1 Entrance Fee for Old Town of Budva to be Introduced Pixabay

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As stated in the decision that was considered by the government today, the fee will amount to €1.

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"Article 1

This decision introduces a fee charged to tourists who, in the framework of organised groups, through tourist agencies, other legal entities or entrepreneurs registered for performing tourist activities, visit the Old Town of Budva as a tourist site of exceptional natural and cultural-historical values.

Article 2

Excursion tax is charged to all tourists who visit the Old Town walls, in the amount of 1 euro.

Excursion tax is the income of the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva and is used to encourage, organise and realise promotional activities in order to create all necessary preconditions for the protection and improvement of natural and cultural-historical values, customs and provision of general conditions for a quality and uniform reception and stay of tourists in the area of the Old Town of Budva.

Article 3

Excursion tax is charged throughout the year (from January 1st to December 31st)"

It will be charged throughout the year.

Text by CDM, read more at CDM

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