Summer Season in Podgorica Follows Good Tourist Trend

By , 17 Aug 2019, 16:58 PM Travel
Summer Season in Podgorica Follows Good Tourist Trend Copyrights: Tourist Organization Podgorica

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17 August 2019 - More than 75.000 tourists visited Podgorica in the first six months of 2019. There have been around 130.000 overnight stays, which is a 15% rise in comparison to the same period last year, said the representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica, as CdM reports. In July and August, this trend is expected to be on an upward trajectory.

According to the Statistical Office of Montenegro, around 18.623 tourists visited Capital city in June this year, and there were 31.273 overnights stays.

The increase in the number of overnight stays means tourists decide to stay longer in Podgorica and that it’s becoming more attractive to tourists.

"As the capital of a country whose main economic power lies in tourism, Podgorica is becoming more and more attractive to tourists. Podgorica has no seasonal character; it is dynamic throughout the year, open and hospitable for visitors. Dominant visitors are business tourists," said the representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica.

Thanks to membership in European Cities Marketing, Podgorica found its place among European cities and famous tourist regions, which contributes to its image and the promotion of Montenegro. Representatives of Tourist Organization are satisfied with the tourist progress recorded in the past years.

"All segments of our offer chain are assuming synergy, we tend to form new amenities in our offer, to meet the demand of tourists and follow the trends of the tourist market," said the representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica.

Despite high temperatures, Podgorica attracts attention even during summer, thanks to numerous events.

"The cultural summer in Podgorica stands out. It encompasses segments of music, theater, film, literature and art. Visitors can enjoy shows, exhibitions, promotions and concerts in our Capital until 21 September. Another attractive event in Podgorica is "Ajmo na Moraču". The objective of the event is to promote Morača and its potential for the development of selective forms of tourism and sports. The Kayak regatta will be held on 29 August. It will bring together a great number of the fans of this type of sport," pointed out representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica.

Representatives of the Tourist Organization Podgorica said that they need a more innovative and creative approach to the development of visit programs, both for individuals and groups. Podgorica can add more value to its offer by organizing excursions aimed at seeing the attractions of the city through experiencing local culture, tradition and gastronomic and wine offers.

"In order to develop Podgorica as congress destination, we need a congress center for hosting trade fairs and events. It would also be an incentive to the development of business tourism," pointed out representatives of this tourist organization.

They also added that tourists choose Skadar Lake as the most attractive destination.

"Visitors want to enjoy numerous amenities, such as hiking, bird-watching, cruising," stressed out the representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica.

Vineyard Plantaže, the biggest in Europe, wine cellar Šipčanik and archeological sites Medun and Duklja are also very attractive to tourists.

"Tourists take an interest in religious tourism too. Tourists would also like to feel the spirit of Podgorica and thus they visit Stara Varoš, Petrović Castle, museums and galleries," concluded the representatives of Tourist Organization Podgorica.

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