Montenegro to Attract More Tourists from China through 16+1 Mechanism

By , 23 Jun 2019, 03:10 AM Travel
Montenegro to Attract More Tourists from China through 16+1 Mechanism Copyrights: Tourist Organization Budva

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21 June 2019 - The cooperation mechanism between Central and Eastern European countries and China today represents one of the most modern ways of connecting 17 countries of the Old Continent with high potentials of the Far East.

Ambassador of “16+1” Mechanism, China’s Special Representative for China-CEE Cooperation Affairs, Huo Yuzhen, knows this part of the world very well. She was in the diplomatic mission to the Czech Republic, and later on the head of embassies in the Czech Republic and Romania.

When it comes to Montenegro, according to her, there is no dilemma about areas where we can establish even better cooperation.

“From China’s point of view, we want to call on even closer cooperation with Montenegro, especially in the area of tourism. That would contribute to the two-way exchange between our cultures, and people as well,” stressed Ms Yuzhen in an interview for Dnevne Novine daily, as reported by the CdM.

She reflected on the possible new areas of cooperation between the two states and continued that different countries have different needs.

"We want to assist the Balkan countries in the construction of motorways, as is the case with Montenegro, but also bridges and power plants in other states,” said Ms Yuzhen.

Chinese companies wish to be engaged even more, according to her, beyond the country’s borders and that’s extremely significant for them. One of the reasons is the fact they want to get to know and reach international standards, and thus gain more experience and enhance quality through international cooperation.

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