Gastro Feast Srdelada to Present Sardine Dishes in Budva on June 7th

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Gastro Feast Srdelada to Present Sardine Dishes in Budva on June 7th Copyrights: Culture Corner Montenegro

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06 June 2019 - The Srdelada 2019 Gastro Fest, an event organized by NGO Feral, will be held on Friday at 08.30 pm at the Palm Square, in Budva's Old Town.

Srdelada 2019 is an event that promotes the Mediterranean, local cuisine, and it includes the tasting of various dishes whose basic ingredient is the sardine (Montenegrin: srdela, sardina). Sardines take a prominent place in the cultural history of Budva and the Mediterranean and is known to the people as the food for the poor because, in the times of hunger and scarcity, it was a basic food available and affordable to most people. At the time, the citizens of Budva often prepared sardines with salt, because salted sardines could remain fresh for a long time. Still, various recipes were designed with sardine being the main ingredient so that the locals would not get bored eating the same dish every day.

By organizing this event, NGO Feral puts sardines on the throne of the Mediterranean gastronomy, giving it a place it deserves. Also, emphasis is placed on local gastronomy, special ingredients and methods of preparation, all of which Budva should nurture in order to preserve its authenticity and recognition, as well as to cultivate cultural heritage. Sardine dishes will be prepared by students of High School Danilo Kiš.

As reported by RTV Budva, the event will include the performance of the local band Škuribanda, which will complement the entire event and the coastal atmosphere. Also, the NGO Feral organized the screening of the film Welcome to Budva from 1963, as well as the performance directed by the members of the NGO Feral which is entitled Welcome to Budva 2019.

The institutions, organizations and companies that supported the event include the Municipality of Budva, the companies Rokler and Sanraf, Talas M, branding agency Unibrand, studio Pixap, Utility Company Budva, Parking service Budva, Mediteran reklame enteprise, Tourist Organization of Budva, distribution company NTC, Cogimar, Montenegrin Cinematheque and High School Danilo Kiš.

The Srdelada Gastro Feast has been held for two years in a row, and the event was very well visited and received positive reviews from both locals and guests who had the opportunity to taste and feel the spirit of Budva as an authentic Mediterranean place.

NGO Feral has been active since 2015 and has been promoting the Mediterranean cultural heritage, empowering the local community and supporting the development of young people through various forms of artistic and cultural expression, the organization of exhibitions, performances, music events and literary-poetry evenings. The NGO Feral was awarded by the Interpret Europe organization, and it was included in examples of good practice in the interpretation of heritage, according to the criterion of the involvement of the local community.

Read more about events organized in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

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