Žabljak to Become Regional Tourism Center Again

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May 2, 2019 - President of the Municipality of Žabljak, Veselin Vukičević, says that they can show off many implemented projects, as well as those that are in the preparation phase and that is eventually going to make Žabljak become regional tourism center again.


Mr Vukićević said that the Municipality was putting efforts in improving road, public utilities and water supply infrastructure in order to create preconditions for the realization of large investments.

Preconditions for tackling the issues of solid and liquid waste management have already been created. Also, the recycling center has been put into use and the first phase of the wastewater purifier has been completed. The majority of the lake has been connected to the sewerage network.

“We’ve planned construction of the sanitary bath this year. Since Žabljak is going to be a place of intense construction work, we’ve also planned construction of the construction waste landfill”, said Mr Vukićević.

The special challenge for the local administration is an improvement of infrastructure.

“One of the problems is lack of parking spaces. In that context, tender for the construction of public garage has been submitted. Once this project is carried out, we will significantly relax the center of the town. We’re also planning to invite the tender for he conceptual design for the arrangement of the town square”, said Mr Vukićević.

They are well aware that it’s impossible to develop tourism without high-quality transport infrastructure.

“Last year, the road leading to the ski center Savin Kuk was finished, as well as parking space for the skiers. Works in Baja Pivljanina Street have also been completed. Works on the reconstruction of the Duke Mišić Street will begin soon. Works on the construction of the street from the town mall to Ravni Žabljak started off last year and the design of the road from Ravni Žabljak to “Durmitor” hotel is underway. Also, works on the displacement of the local road Žabljak-Tepca are being carried out, so that one of the rafts on Tara is more accessible to tourists. A lot has been invested in the reconstruction of the asphalt road surface too”, says Mr Vukićević.

Local road infrastructure is just as important. Around 800 meters of the road in the local community Poščenski gaj has been asphalted.

In cooperation with the Armed Forces of Montenegro, around 21 kilometers of macadam roads in the rural area have been asphalted. The roadway in Dobro do have been filled.

Mr Vukićević points out that agriculture and tourism are considered great chances for development. That’s why most activities of local administration are aimed at the improvement of these branches.

“Works on the construction of Zminica pipeline were completed last year. The first phase of the pipeline in Njegovuđa was also finished and now the second phase is about to start. First and the second phase of the pipeline Krš were finished. The third phase was planned for the current year. We’ve applied for the project of the construction of the artificial accumulation in Šaranci through the program “Development of clusters and transformation of rural areas”, says Mr Vukićević.

Contract on co-financing insurance premium for the insurance of agricultural production of registered agricultural producers has been signed. This contract envisages a 30% share of the Municipality. The Ministry pays 50% and the farmers 20% of the amount of the premium.


In addition, the Municipality is taking part in milk purchase and last year it took part in the provision of 10 solar panels and it covered 50% of costs.

The priority of the Municipality is to return Žabljak to what it used to be – regional tourism center.

Reconstruction of the water supply system will create preconditions for artificial snowing, thanks to artificial accumulation on Savin kuk. Additionally, the Municipality has financed the construction of Nordic ski slope, as another segment of the winter tourism offer.

Construction of the hotel that will be located where hotel “Durmitor” is now is going to begin soon. Adriatic Properties Company is going to invest around €20 million.

Local administration is constantly trying to create conditions for investments in order to stop migrations.

“Many new investments will create new jobs. We’re looking forward to opening the Aroma mall. Representatives of the company have already interviewed interested parties. Investments in the hotel industry will definitely create possibilities for our youth”, said the president of this Municipality.

Citizens’ will – satisfied

The first man of the Municipality of Žabljak has welcomed the plan of the councilors for the withdrawal of the Temporary Structures Plan.

“This Municipality is serving to its citizens and I think citizens were very clear about this”, said Mr Vukićević.

No debts

Mr Vukićević cites that the municipality is stable in financial terms. He is proud to say that they don’t have any pending debts. The number of employees is optimal.

“The only problem is that we have some funds in Atlas bank. Hopefully, we’ll be able to charge claims through the bankruptcy proceedings”, says Mr Vukićević.

Adoption of the amendments to the Law on Financing Local Administration will provide more money for the municipalities in the north and that would be very important for the development of the north.

“Hopefully, this will enable us to improve our economic parameters and stop migrations towards Podgorica and the coast. €400.000 profit was planned. The new Law will definitely bring significant financial benefits”, says Mr Vukićević.

Financial benefits will be aimed at the improvement of the overall infrastructure in the town and suburban areas in order to raise the level of the quality of life of our citizens.

New tourism complex

The military resort, ”Mediteran”, one of the most attractive locations in Žabljak, is going to be revalued very soon.

“I’d like to inform you that the contract on the long-term lease of this land has already been signed. We expect that works on the construction of the new complex will start very soon and that will considerably enrich our tourism offer”, said the president of the Municipality of Žabljak.

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