Save the Date: Volunteering Spring Camp in Montenegro

By , 01 May 2019, 03:49 AM Travel
Save the Date: Volunteering Spring Camp in Montenegro Copyrights: Pixabay

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30 April 2019 - The Spring Camp is a ten-day event dedicated to the maintenance of hiking trails. It intends to promote eco-tourism and the sustainable development vision in Montenegro.

In the spring of 2019, this event will take place in the Mediterranean part of Montenegro to improve the conditions on the Coastal Mountaineering Transversal and to point out the beauty of this region to the volunteers. It aims to enhance environmental awareness among the local inhabitants and to serve as an example for future activities of this kind.

International volunteers can become a witness of the natural beauty, spontaneously spreading the word about their experience in Montenegro.

”Spring Camp” will conduct two parallel activities:

1) Volunteers will clear the overgrown trails, refresh the signage and collect plastic rubbish

2) Spring Camp filmmakers will record events in the camp thus making an easily accessible story about the event and the area where it would be conducted.

Last year, within the 5th Spring Camp, volunteers who worked on cleaning up the trails were from Austria (pre-camp, April crew), Australia, Bosnia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, and Montenegro.

Again, this year’s wish is to have many international and regional participants, people who love mountains and voluntary work and want to share their experiences. Montenegro offers fascinating trails that are a part of some of the most picturesque hiking areas in Europe.

Volunteers will get some amazing photography opportunities, lots of local knowledge that volunteers from the region are happy to share, great friendships that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the opportunity to be a pioneer in helping Montenegro to develop sustainable and eco-friendly tourism!

During the Spring Camp, volunteers will have several excursions and restaurant meals to experience local hospitality, food, culture, and history.

The volunteering Spring Camp 2019 will last ten days, from May 3 to 12 and will be based in three different campsites.

One of the three campsites is owned by a local family interested in hosting outdoor tourists.

The Spring Camp activities should connect this campsite with the Coastal Mountaineering Transversal site and improve the hiking trails in Rumija and Lisinj mountains.  

All interested parties can get more information and apply at the Spring Camp official website.

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