Regent Invites Everyone to "Eco Coffee" at Gourmet Corner

By , 02 Apr 2019, 08:54 AM Travel
Regent Invites Everyone to "Eco Coffee" at Gourmet Corner Hotel Regent, Gourmet Corner, Copyright: Regent Porto Montenegro

April 2, 2019 - Hotel Regent is organizing a green initiative at the confectionery - restaurant Gourmet Corner, where they invite their visitors to bring their favourite cup, and for each type of coffee they get 50% discount on "coffee to go."The action started on 1 April.

"With this action, which we called "eco coffee," we want to reduce the consumption of disposable paper glasses, plastic covers, and straws, and in the continuation of the campaign we introduce branded ceramic/porcelain cups for sale that will be suitable for "coffee to go." It is the beginning of the process of elimination of plastics at the Hotel Regent, which is in line with the ecological commitment of the Intercontinental Hotels Group to which we belong, with this year's motto of the "Earth Hour" action - "Get off plastic, get on nature!", as well as our contribution to the Day of the Planet to be marked on 22 April," said Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager at Regent Hotel.
“Eco Coffee“ is one of a series of environmental initiatives that come from the management of the hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, which initiated effective cooperation with local self-government in this field, as well as numerous businesses, the NGO sector, and citizens of Tivat. The "Earth Hour" in Tivat this year was marked originally, with the participation of a large number of volunteers, and Regent made sure that the record of this action went to the world.
The Municipality of Tivat organized the action in cooperation with the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro and the hotel Regent, which financed the recording of the performance, and numerous Tivat caterers and hotels who joined the action with the exclusion of the lights. A video clip is warning against the danger of climate change, alongside the site of the Municipality of Tivat, will also be found on websites dealing with tourism, ecology, and similar topics.
Tivat is thus included in the World Environment Fund's map as an official participant in the "Earth Hour" event.
Regent announces that "Eco Coffee" is only the first in a series of projects aimed at eliminating disposable packaging, primarily plastics. In perspective, they intend to promote a trend in the hope that with citizens and local businesses will be able to make Tivat a city without plastic.

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