Kotor Attracting Tourists from All Meridians, Opening New Markets

By , 28 Mar 2019, 13:57 PM Travel
Kotor Attracting Tourists from All Meridians, Opening New Markets Kotor, St. Giovanni Fortress, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

March 28, 2019 - "Most tourists coming to Kotor are from the UK, Russia, the region, France, Germany, and the USA," the director of Tourist Organisation of Kotor Ana Nives Radovic told Radio Kotor.

She states that Kotor and Montenegro have become more recognizable destinations and engaging in those markets that have not been promoted so far.
"In the past year, when we look at the statistical data, we see that there is almost no country or end of the world from which tourists did not come to Kotor, thanks to the broader promotion of the region in markets like the Chinese. It is a tourist product that jointly offers Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Thanks to this and the individual work of the national tourism organizations of all these countries and the local tourist organizations, especially the coastal towns, we have managed to become more visible in the new markets," Radovic said.
According to her, the quality and content of the tourist offer depend on numerous subjects, above all, of what they offer in urban and economic infrastructure, as well as the cultural and historical features of the destination.
Radovic points out that Kotor bases its tourist offer mainly on cultural tourism.
"We do not have a dominant type of tourist to whom we can devote ourselves in the promotional sense, nor do we invite only one group of tourists in promotional activities. Campaigns for this and next year are mostly tailored to family travel, especially to people who come with small children because we have the greatest interest in markets in Western Europe, the United States and Canada. There are special features that are interesting to them. These are the most valuable tourists who do not belong to the domain of luxury tourism. It is not about those who have special requirements but are about the guests who want to have a pleasant vacation and spend money on everything they and their children are interested in," explains Radovic, citing that a good part of the tourism industry adapts to those requirements.
According to her, the promotion of Kotor in foreign markets has also contributed to the cooperation of TO Kotor with media like National Geographic and Family Traveler, a highly influential British tourist media.
"A campaign that started in the UK in February this year, we will continue in March, and will be promoted in the coming months," says Radovic. Kotor is also an exciting destination for weddings or honeymoons. "What is certainly missing is at least one large hotel room that could offer space for such gatherings throughout the year." 
There is also a great interest for congress tourism.
"Only in the future, with the acquisition of some of the larger capacities and certain content, there will be conditions for Kotor on the map of the destination of congress tourism, which is very significant and lasts 12 months. With congress tourism, we make the difference between the pre-season and the post-season less visible, that is, we encourage an increasing number of tourists to be active throughout the year and offer content that would, above all, make the city live from tourism in the winter months," explains Radovic.
Recall, Kotor was on the list of the best destinations in the world last year and was nominated again this year. Foreign journalists, bloggers and photo reporters positively evaluate the panorama of Kotor, and extraordinarily natural and cultural heritage available in a tiny area.
Source: Radio Kotor

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