Several Montenegrin Beaches in Bar and Ulcinj Offered Under Lease

By , 10 Mar 2019, 00:26 AM Travel
Several Montenegrin Beaches in Bar and Ulcinj Offered Under Lease Copyrights: Your Way to Montenegro Tourism Website

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08 March 2019 - Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management has published a tender for the lease of 20 swimming areas and beaches in Kruče, Valdanos, Mala plaža and Borova šuma. Initial price ranges from 500 EUR to 9.940 EUR, no VAT included.

Four of the cheapest swimming areas are in Kruče and they can be leased for 500 EUR. Ice cream stalls are allowed to be installed at two of the beaches. The most expensive lease at this location costs 2.262 EUR, for a 100-meter long beach and with the area of 780 square meters. This beach allows for the installation of a bar and a terrace.

The swimming area in Valdanos depression will be leased at an initial price of 7.224 EUR. It occupies 300 m of length and 2.400 square meters of sand beach, as well as 125 meters of the western part of the shore.

The public-family swimming area in the western area of the Mala plaža has the most expensive price of the lease contract – 9.940 EUR. It is 95 meters long, 2.850 plus 6.150 square meters. One part of the area is public and intended for families, whereas the other part has no equipment. Three condensers are planned to be installed there.

Coastal Management offers a swimming area in the eastern side of Mala plaža, at a price of 3.660 EUR. It is 50 meters long and has an area of 1.300 square meters.

Minimum lease contract price at the location of Old town is 4.736 EUR.

As far as the location of Borova šuma is concerned, there are six swimming areas and beaches in the offer. Initial lease prices range from 4.170 EUR to 6.552 EUR. Bars and terraces are allowed to be set up in all of them.

The tender will be open until 21 March, 11 AM.

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