Graffiti Exhibition Examines Street Art in Podgorica

By , 13 Jan 2019, 00:34 AM Travel
Graffiti Exhibition Examines Street Art in Podgorica Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomović"

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12 January 2019 - In the exhibition hall of the Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomović," on Friday, January 11, at 7 pm, an unusual exhibition of photographs of graffiti in Podgorica named "The Street Writes with its Heart" will be opened. The author of the exhibition is Marko Vujović, and CIC director Snežana Burzan will open the exhibition.

When you think about an art exhibition, a person usually does not think of an area full of graffiti. Still, the Cultural and Information Centre wants to embrace contemporary trends and offer different experiences to suit everyone's tastes. That's how the idea of the graffiti exhibition arose.

This is the first exhibition of photographs of graffiti in Podgorica and Montenegro, and the author, with the help of the editor of the CIC art program Damiro Hodžić, has had a difficult task in making a choice from a rich collection of photographs of graffiti from the buildings and streets of Podgorica from 2015 to 2018.

"Graffiti represents one of the methods by which a particular group of young people communicates with the environment. The themes of the graffiti are divided into several segments (love, music, local speech, quits, socio-economic condition). Any hate speech is omitted, to emphasize the creativity through humorous and meaningful messages and questions that occupy young people’s minds”, said the representatives of the CIC "Budo Tomović".

The author wanted to demonstrate the world of graffiti and street art and celebrate this dynamic modern art movement. Diverse styles of street art will be presented at this exhibition so that visitors can expect variations in handwriting styles and lettering concepts found throughout the streets of the city today.

This exhibition can be viewed until January 21. So, will you make the trip down to Podgorica and visit one of the most unusual exhibitions in Montenegro?

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