First Montenegro Oktoberfest Ended: Here Are the Impressions

By , 23 Sep 2018, 14:35 PM Travel
First Montenegro Oktoberfest Ended: Here Are the Impressions Copyrights: Tourist Organization Budva

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23 September 2018 - The First Montenegro Oktoberfest held in the Budva City Park, ended on September 22nd, with the concerts of bands So Sabi, Bad Copy and Budva City Music.

On the second evening of Oktoberfest, all visitors had the opportunity to taste the most delicious German sausages and numerous different beer types, and could cheer on the competition of carrying beer mugs.

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The representative of Budva City Music, Željko Vasović, said that the whole idea of organizing Oktoberfest in Budva is excellent. "I like it, given that it is being held for the first time, and that it affected the extension of the tourist season in Budva. I think the audience is showing great interest. Comments on social media are all positive, so I support the whole organization," Vasović said.

So Sabi's Alberto Dias group leader also said he fully supports the idea of holding Oktoberfest in Budva and that the event should definitely continue in the future. "My band opened Exit in Novi Sad and Beerfest in Belgrade, so for me, performing in this region has become a tradition. These festivals are now known throughout the world, and since I'm here at the event when it’s being organized for the first time, I think it will be successful, as both Exit and Beerfest are," Diaz said. He added that the atmosphere during Oktoberfest is amazing and that he hopes the festival will have great success.


The director of the Tourist Organization of Budva, Mladen Franović said that the audience was satisfied, and the event managed to meet their expectations. "Today is the opening of Oktoberfest in Munich, and we are closing the Oktoberfest in Budva. Munich is expecting six million visitors, but we are happy with the six thousand people who visited the festival. We can definitely say that the plans for next year include program expansion and an increase in the number of visitors as well. The response that the audience gave is great, everyone was happy, they enjoyed the event, and positive emotions overwhelmed the last evening of the festival," Franović said.


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