Wild Beauty and Nature of Komarnica River

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Wild Beauty and Nature of Komarnica River Copyrights: Riders.me

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23 July, 2018 - The Komarnica river is the tributary of the river Piva. It flows along a deep and winding gorge between the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik. The Komarnica continues between the mountains of Vojnik and Treskavac, in an almost uninhabited area and enters the high Piva plateau, where it turns to the north. Almost the entire Komarnica stream is flooded by the reservoir of the Pivsko Jezero lake.

Both the Komarnica River and Komarnica Canyon belong to the group of five river canyons in the Durmitor National Park. The canyon itself does not lag behind canyon of the river Tara in its depth wilderness and waterfall of the furious mountain rivers. In Komarnica Canyon you can see one of the most impressive cliffs in Durmitor - 700 m high cliffs of Boljska Greda, which with its 'S' face proudly dominates above the impressive beauty of Komarnica Canyon.


The canyon of Mala Komarnica, the region which is called Nevidio (never seen) was the last unexplored place in Europe. The canyon of the river Komarnica and its most beautiful segment, Nevidio Canyon are places of exquisite beauty. They are located in the central part of Montenegro, on the slopes of Durmitor, on about 50 kilometres from Žabljak to Šavnik.

What is interesting is that the canyon Nevidio was seen by a fewer number of people than Mount Everest, by which the canyon probably got the name "never seen".

The feeling when you see this river for the first time is something invaluable. The weight of the river at normal water is class 2, which makes it extremely suitable for anyone involved in rowing on the wild water. Also, it is little known that immediately after leaving the Nevidio Canyon, the Komarnica River becomes less cruel and its canyon becomes more spacious and beautiful.

What is adorned with a kayak tour is certainly untouched nature and its beauty. Deep in the Komarnica canyon, you slowly lose the feeling of space and time. All that usually disappears or becomes less important, except for the beauty of the river.

It is hard to describe with the words, but with the accompanying music and short video, you can experience at least a part of the atmosphere from the adventure to the rapids of Komarnica.

Source: Riders.me

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