Discover the Beaches of Montenegro: Orahovac

By , 18 Jun 2018, 19:32 PM Travel

June 18, 2018 - Orahovac is a small village, 8,5 kilometers from Kotor on the road to Perast. It is a place with a long maritime and fishing tradition, and at one point, its seamen had a fleet of 28 ships.

Among the locals, Orahovac beach is most known for being the beach with longest sunlight hours in the Kotor part of the bay. This part of the Boka Bay has the highest mountains and for that reason, it is considered a fjord. Mountains create shade, and the Vrmac or Dobrota side does not have enough sunlight during the summer. Orahovac is geographically positioned on the northern side of the bay and people come here for all-day sunbathing. It is a quiet place with stone houses, a small bar, a couple of good fish restaurants, and a fishing and oyster farm in the vicinity.

There is a 4-star hotel Casa del Mare Amfora and lot of private houses for rent. 

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