Budva City Orchestra in Belgrade

By , 30 May 2018, 10:09 AM Travel

With the ceremonial defile of the Budva City Orchestra and the concert at Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade, the Tourist Organization of Budva announced the "First International Festival of City Orchestras" which is to be held on June 1 and 2 in Budva.

The tourist organization of the municipality of Budva, together with colleagues from other coastal cities, Podgorica, and the National Tourism Organization, represented Montenegro at the fourth festival of manifestations and destinations "Belgrade Manifest."

In a rich three-day program in 10 festival zones and five program stages, thirty-five musicians of the Budva City Orchestra dressed in white uniforms and walked the festive defile on the main Belgrade Knez Mihailova street.

After reaching the Kalemegdan Park, Budva musicians performed a concert, which attracted the attention of many visitors. They announced the First International Festival of City Orchestras, which takes place on June 1 and 2 in Budva. The list of international participants is quite impressive, and includes City music Tivat, City music Omis, City music Kotor, City orchestra Stolac, local music Đenović, City music Makarska and hosts City music Budva.

In cooperation with the National Tourism Organization and local tourism organizations, the representatives of the Tourist Organization of Budva have already started on the recognizable Road Show today.

Direct contacts with potential tourists in the cities of Serbia (Kragujevac, Cacak, Subotica), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka and Sarajevo) and Macedonia (Skopje) will be organized mainly in city squares.

TO Budva has organized a gala dinner in Subotica for representatives of industry, the Vojvodina regional government, diplomatic corps and the media.

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