Budva Olive Tree - Older than Christ?

By TMN 29 May 2018, 13:44 PM Travel
Slobodan Ivanović next to the Old Olive Tree Slobodan Ivanović next to the Old Olive Tree

The Velja Maslina (large, old olive) belongs to the Ivanović family, and in 1994, it was registered and protected as a Natural Monument.

May 29, 2018 - The Ivanovići village, just above the Splendid hotel (best known for the James Bond "Casino Royal" feature) is home to one of the six oldest olive trees in the world. 

The entire Olive Yard that belongs to Slobodan Ivanović is home to several trees that are planted 1000 years ago and older.  

The Old olive tree is believed to be more than 2000 years old, and the scientific research done by the experts from the Agricultural Institute in Podgorica, proved it, says Mr. Ivanović

It is among the oldest olive trees in the world that are older than two millennia. There are only five olives of the same age in the world. These are the Holy Olives in Jerusalem (located in the Gethsemane Garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives) below which Jesus prayed and where he was caught and taken to trial, then the olive tree in Tunisia, the olive tree in Palermo in Italy, the old olive tree in Bar, and the oldest of them in Athens, where the ancient philosopher Plato (living in the fifth-century AD) sat and did his thinking. 

Its circumference in the root neck is 12.5 meters, the trunk has a diameter of 4 meters, and the tree is 10 meters high. The olives belong to the local variety of jaundice. It continues to grow, and it can give about 250 kilograms of fruits, or about 40 liters of oil annually.

Slobodan takes care of the olives, produces home-made olive oil which is restored in the 18th-century family olive mill and now serves as a village museum.

Slobodan has immensely contributed to the promotion and valorization of the Old Olive, which is visited by numerous tourists and other visitors during the summer.

The Old olive tree in Ivanovići can be reached by a two-kilometers-long street, which leads from the main road of Budva - Bar (the crossroads at the hotel "Splendid" in Becici) through the village Ivanovići. When you reach the end of the village, you will find a stone path that leads to the beautiful olive grove.


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