Meet the Wineries of Montenegro

By , 20 May 2018, 08:31 AM Travel
Meet the Wineries of Montenegro Pixabay

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Total Montenegro News discovers the wineries in the country on May 19, 2018. 

1. Milović Winery

The vineyard and the Winery of the Milović family are located in the south of the country, near the holm Ada Bojana, in the sunny city of Ulcinj, Montenegro. This Winery has a long tradition, but they still follow the current technology trends and use modern machines to create a unique wine taste. All admirers of good wines that have tasted their products have confirmed their respect towards their powerful and intense southern flavor. At the Milović wine cellar, with grapes from their vineyards that has over 18000 vines, they annually produce about 20,000 bottles of wine. The wines of the Milović Winery are the winners of numerous Great Gold and Gold Medals at prestigious international competitions and wine fairs, among which are the Codex, Status, Status Barrique, and Status Reserve.

2. Rupice Vineyard

Rupice is a vineyard with over 100 years of tradition. It is located west of Podgorica, at a village called Rupice Komanske. The vineyard’s owner is extremely proud of the fact that their wine was served as a high-quality wine in many European royal palaces. With their production of wine and brandy in limited quantities, this winery is trying to preserve the special flavor that all previous owners tried to cherish, and at the same time, they are trying to satisfy the most demanding customers not only in Montenegro but also all around the world. Their most famous wine is Di Vine, as this company explained: “Divine is a high-quality red wine with geographic origin, intense ruby color, complex fruit aroma and dominant cherry scent, full and harmonious taste.”

3. Vučinić Winery - Zenta

Vučinić vineyards are located in the Rogami area, on the edge of Duklja, about three kilometers northwest of Podgorica, on a flat plateau between the Zeta and Morača rivers. The Vučinić family has a long tradition of wine production, but they just recently started focusing on creating the high-quality modern wines today's market requires. This family has made large investments in creating the perfect wine cellar at a hill site with an ideal temperature for storing wine. Their main guide for producing wine is their own heart: they believe that it is not possible to make a high-quality wine if one does not like nature, vineyards and their origins. Part of the cellar is also a tasting hall where you can taste the wine, and they are happy to organize a wine tour for visitors at their vineyard! Their most famous wines are the Vranac, Vranac barrique, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kratošija.

13. jul Plantaže

Plantaže is one of the most successful Montenegrin companies, with over half a century-long tradition. This company makes authentic Montenegrin wine, and their wine production statistics are impressive: they produce over 40 different wines and four types of grape brandies, made of 26 wine grape varieties with an impressive production of around 22 million kilos of wine grapes and grapes for fresh consumption. They also boast sales of over 17 million bottled products annually in 35 countries of the world. The whole country of Montenegro is very proud of Plantaže as a successful company and as a producer whose products are consumed all over the world! Their most special wine is Vranac pro Corde, “Vranac for heart - from the heart of the grapes”. Numerous wines of Plantaže have entered international competitions and contests and have won over 800 medals and recognitions!

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