Njegusi: An Uncommon Historical Village

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Njegusi: An Uncommon Historical Village Wikipedia Commons

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April 29, 2018 - Njegusi is a village located in Cetinje, in the area covered by the Lovcen Mountain. It is famous because it was the birthplace of the Petrovic dynasty, which ruled Montenegro from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th. Also, Njegusi has been the Montenegrin office of the “serdar” and “guvernadur”, which are types of army roles in old Montenegro. This place is recognized as the home of Montenegrin national cuisine for its Njeguski cheese, Njeguski prosciutto and Njeguski steak, which is solely made in Montenegro. Njegusi once used to be the center of the Katunska nahija, a tribe specific to Montenegrin culture. According to the latest data, Njegusi is the permanent home of 35 inhabitants.

Njegusi consists of a spacious field, while the houses were built in an oval formation, which is a specific type of architecture for old villages in Montenegro. As mentioned before, Njegusi village is a huge part of Montenegrin history. However, it is unknown among tourists. The fact that houses of the most celebrated Montenegrin rulers were built here and that these families grew up here, gives Njegusi and these homes true and unique sentimental value. The homes are still preserved today which allows them to become museums or public houses, and the facts can be used in the promotion of Njegusi as a local, hidden and unknown tourist attraction. Njegusi is also enriched with cultural monuments, churches and many different points of interest.

During your Njegusi visit, one can notice The Church of Saint George (Crkva Svetog Djordja) built in the 17th century by the father of the most famous ruler Njegos. Currently, this Church is protected by the State and it is waiting for its reconstruction.

Under the birthhouse of Montenegrin ruler Njegos, a particular kind of structure could be found, which served as a resort for the whole family. The tourist offer of Njegusi includes the sale of its prosciutto, cheese, honey, wine and Montenegro's recognized alcoholic drink – Brandy. The entire field around it, including Njegusi, is ideal for agriculture and the production of healthy foods. For all people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, Njegusi village is an amazing place to organize various types of camps, workshops, picnics and the like as it genuinely provides plenty of fresh air, beautiful landscapes and touch of the nature. Around the village, according to scientific researchers, there are many caves and pits that tourists will find attractive. Visiting Njegusi between May and October is ideal, and its climate and elevation provide the possible introduction of a health tourism.

Rich history, the well-known hospitality of the local people, traditional healthy food and various tours created by different tourists organizations have significantly contributed to the popularization of this place as a tourist destination. 

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